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September 2007

Our monthly Stoke Ferry methodist newsletter.

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2nd Sept 11.00 Ruth Palmer

9th Sept 11.00 John Bowden-Pickstock

16th Sept 11.00 Dawn De Visme

23rd Sept 11.00 Harvest Festival led by Revd Chris Bishop

30th Sept 11.00 Harold Smith

It has been a funny old time for the world of television production recently. If Richard and Judy aren't having their competitions rigged then a program about the Queen is being edited to give a far from truthful documentary. We don't know who we can trust. Added to this the rest of TV scheduling seems to be far from worth the £135 license fee.

But take courage because very soon on our screens will be showing one of my favourite programs- 'The Tribe' with Bruce Parry an ex Royal marine. It is a series in which its presenter lives with some of the remotest tribes in our world and does all that they do. He eats their food, wears their clothes and goes through their initiation rites. It is wonderful to watch and celebrate the diversity of another world that we have the privilege of seeing. The thing that is most humbling is the way they welcome the white western outsider, who so different may as well be from Mars. They embrace, honour, and teach this guest and want to learn of his world and what is important to him.

As I consider the multicultural Britain that we live in we can learn so much from these 'primitive' tribes that have no electricity, running water or fridges- but have the precious commodity of generosity to the alien. As a Christian I would want to say that they echo God in the way that they love unconditionally as God loves us. It all seems in stark contrast to our country's tight fisted attitude built on the profits of the world. We have stories of the 'foreigners' taking Carp from our rivers and claiming our benefits. I wonder if those strangers who harvest the crops in our fields or seek refuge on our shores would seem less alien if we offered a welcome and willingness to understand them. It is in the act of acceptance that change can happen and a lasting fruitful relationship formed.

Every blessing as you start back to work after you holidays!

Revd Matt Finch

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