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September 2007

The Editor takes his usual apocryphal look at events of the month

Hello again,

Well, did you enjoy the summer? I'm told it was some time at the beginning of August, but exactly when I can't say. But if we think we've had it bad, what about the poor folk who live in the Caribbean? As I write this, they are shuttered down fighting against Hurricane Dean with winds topping 150 mph. I doubt many of our modern building would withstand such an onslaught. Sometimes we just don't know how lucky we are.

Other news this week is equally dismal! A rave in Great Yarmouth with over 1,000 people fighting against the police; the "global warming" demonstration at Heathrow, backed by a Green Party led group at Norwich Airport trying to persuade people not to fly off on holiday, and the news that knife crimes have reached the phenomenal level of 175 incidents each day don't really give us peace of mind. Where is this wonderful country of ours going?

I did have one wry smile this month. It was with great pleasure that I read that Lancashire County Council was unable to erect road signs to alert drivers that they were going too fast (for which they paid literally thousands of pounds) because their staff were not allowed to climb ladders! It seems that under new Health & Safety rules, workers must receive appropriate training before erecting the signs even though they only need to be 3ft or 4ft off the ground! You couldn't make it up could you?

Then there was the startling news today that the much trumpeted Police Community Support Officers were proving to be a questionable success with regard to the solution of crimes. Statistics show that, on average, each community police officer solves a crime every six years. Moreover, the self same Blunkett's Bobbies hand out fines for anti-social behaviour, public disorder or motoring offences at a rate of one every four months. This compares to the fully-sworn police officer who detects an average of 11 crimes a year!

Still on the subject of crime, what value can be placed on signs prohibiting anti-social behaviour? In the new multi-storey car park in King's Lynn a sign proudly states that Anti-Social Behaviour within the confines of the car park will be severely punished. On Stoke Ferry common, a sign says that motorised vehicles are prohibited, yet for the first time in my 10 years living in the village, the common has becoming a quagmire as a result of motor vehicles racing around on what was a pleasant area for local recreation. So who is fooling who? It seems to me that the very existence of the ASBO orders creates the very action they attempt to prevent. Answers on a postcard please, to:

The Editor

Ray Thompson

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