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August 2007

Our monthly update from Wereham

St Margaret's News

Church Cleaning

A very sincere thank you once again all of you who returned to clean St Margaret's once again this month. Thank you for contributing your materials and your time- it is very much appreciated.

Our next cleaning day will be on Wednesday the first of August at 10 a.m. we look forward to seeing you again.

Tidying the churchyard

I found a small volunteer group, comprising Patricia, Ivy and Charles, tackling the fairly strenuous task of cutting down the coppicing that appears every spring at the base of our beautiful lime trees.........

Needed: a tractor and trailer for an hour..........

My attention was drawn to heaps of drying tree cuttings representing clearing done years back, stacked behind and underneath the old Yew tree at the back of the churchyard, which must be at least a couple of hundred years old years old, judging by its impressive diameter. Without doubt this drying stack of timber needs to be moved as soon as possible as it constitutes a real fire hazard.

For this a tractor and trailer would be ideal and we are wondering if a volunteer would undertake this modest task for us? Please contact Charles if you are willing help, on 501108. Thank you so much.

Open Gardens

We were lucky to have a fine slot in the weather for open gardens on June 17. Visitors old and new were given a warm welcome to the nine village gardens that were open. Thank you to the gardeners for all their hard work and to everybody who helped in any way to make this event a success it is

As always, the afternoon concluded with Gardeners' Songs of Praise in the evening which was well attended. A pleasing total of £320 was raised towards the Restoration Fund. Thank you everybody.

Clock and Bell Doorstep Appeal

The Doorstep Appeal for the Clock and Bell raised a staggering £1380 which quite exceeded our expectations. As a result, the provisional date of the 28th of August 2007 as a target for beginning the Restoration work is now looking achievable.

We also hope to have TV coverage when the bell is removed from the bell tower and again when the clock face is removed. We will keep you updated with these events in the next edition of G4, but please keep 11:59 p.m. on the 31st of December 2007 free in your diaries as there is a real possibility that you can help us ring in the New Year with our restored clock and Bell!

On behalf of the Clock and Bell Restoration committee- a very sincere thank you, once again, to all who gave so willingly and generously.

Local performers Concert on the 9th of July

Monday evening was a great success not only for the performers and the audience but also for the Clock and Bell funds. With your help and support we raised £308 which brings us that much closer to achieving our goal.

We have received very positive feedback from the audience and it is heart-warming to know that, as a small village, with the support from our surrounding villages, we are able to come together and work towards saving not only a unique part of Wereham's history, but also a part of our national heritage as well. Our clock and bell are so special that we feel privileged to be approaching a position whereby we will be able to restore them both to their former glory.

On behalf of the Clock and Bell committee, once again I would like to thank all the performers who gave their time and talents, and the fantastic audience who gave us their enthusiastic support. Patricia Evans

Youth club at last for Wereham

Janet Brown and from the Village Shop and Sam Voutt have finally managed to get their youth club off the ground. Well done!

The youth club will be every Monday evening at the village hall between seven and 9 p.m. and the pressing issue now is to raise funds for essential pieces of equipment that all youth clubs need. We look forward to your help to support in the east very worthwhile fundraising efforts.

The first fundraiser was a car wash on the village field and this was very successful and well supported. We hope you will support the Bingo competition in the front window of the village shop and if you are able to donate a prize that would be greatly appreciated.

Wereham Hall and the Mansion house

Thank you so much those of you who responded to my appeal for information, particularly Barbara Roberts, Mary Matthews and Bob from Malthouse Row. All the material you have given me to read will be returned fairly soon- I really appreciate your interest -- thank you.

One last word......

How very enjoyable it was to see people we know well, coming together and sharing their talents in such a relaxed and informal way, not least the youngest performers, who gave us a charming performance. The evening had a very special feel to it- I look forward to the next one

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