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Wereham PC Minutes

August 2007

Minutes of the May Meeting of Wereham PC



WEDNESDAY 9th May 2007

Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr M Peake, Cllr B Glover, Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake, Cllr G Mansell 5 members of the public.

1. No Apologies for Absence.

2. Election of Chairman;

Mr. D Llewellyn was proposed and seconded and with only one other nomination proposed (not seconded) Mr Llewellyn was therefore elected to remain as Chairman.

3. Chairman and Councillors signed their acceptance of office forms.

4. Election of Vice-Chairman;

Mr M Peake was proposed and seconded and with no other nominations elected as Vice-Chairman.

5. Declaration of Interest:

None declared.

6. To fill vacancy left following local elections:

The vacancy will be advertised and co-option will be an agenda item for the July meeting.

7. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 14/03/07 were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.

8. Matters Arising:

No matters raised from previous minutes.

9. Chairman's Report:

 A meeting has taken place between members of the Council and the Highway Technician for Wretton. Consequently the area by the bus shelter has been resurfaced and the drain by the Old Red Lion dealt with. Overgrown hedges around the parish that may cause danger to drivers are also being looked at with regard to arranging for them to be trimmed. There are however regulations that may stop hedges being cut at certain times.

 The parish website should be live within seven days when councillors contact details have been updated. It is hoped correspondence and some historical information regarding the village can be added to the site.

Clerk's Report:

The clerk had nothing further to add as items are covered on the agenda.

10. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (March. /April.) £109.58

MHB Services x2 £32.50

NCAPTC subs 2007-03-18 £97.68

Insurance £529.55

External Audit £293.75

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service donation - s137 £50.00

Finance - @ 30th March. 2007

Community Account 1658.98

Business Premium Account 1650.58

Business Reserve Account 12424.37


11. Correspondence:

1. The Revised Code of Conduct

2. Unitary Status for Norwich

3. Funding Opportunities etc. March/April

4. The Playing Field Newsletter

5. Invitation to Civic Service

6. Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings

7. All about parish and town councils booklet and Quality Norfolk Link

8. EEAPTC News

9. Southern Area Road Safety Committee request for donation

10. Your Council

A letter has also been received regarding concern with rubbish on land along Limehouse Drove. This letter was read out to councillors and will be forwarded to the Jane Forby Charity. The Chairman stated that the Parish Council has no powers to act and can therefore take the stance of a possible pressure group only. Due to the public wishing to comment public participation was moved forward on the agenda and the meeting was opened to the public at 8.00pm.

 Some discussion took place regarding right of way along Limehouse Drove and it was stated rubbish is spilling onto the right of way from land along the drove.

 It was asked who on the Council will undertake the responsibility of dealing with the issue of the sewerage as odour is being experienced again. The Chairman stated he will liaise with villagers over this matter and the new borough councillor for Wretton will be contacted for assistance. Mr N Pilgrim has written letters to BCKLWN and NCC relating to the sewerage problem. Site meetings have been held with Anglia water and solutions to cure the odour problems have been tried but it appears the sewerage system 'is not fit for purpose'. It was suggested the Parish Council should write to the chief executive of Anglia water. All residents who smell the sewerage need to report the problem to Environmental Health and keep a log of events. Debate took place as to where the smell is coming from and it was felt that another meeting should be arranged with Anglia Water and Environmental Health.

The Chairman gave a report of his knowledge of the scheme and it appears the fall was inadequate for the system to be self purging, therefore Wereham sewerage was diverted to Wretton to add 'oomph'. The flow rate in Wretton was less than expected as few people took up the offer to join the system.

Anglia Water need to solve the problem and a report from them as to what is being done to alleviate the problems with the sewerage will hopefully be obtained before the Annual Parish meeting.

 Wretton Historical Organisation has been formed to try to raise funding to hold a Living History Day in September. Mrs J Pardoe (Chairman of WHO) was asked to give a presentation at the next parish council meeting. The group have requested that the parish council donate towards insuring the event. This will be an agenda item for July.

Meeting closed to public.

Notice of planning application withdrawal:

Extension and conversion of outbuildings into one dwelling and erection of new garage at Harringay Farm, Low Road, Wretton.

12. Planning:

Planning application received for consideration:

Location: Holly Cottage, Field Lane, Wretton

Details: Two storey extension to dwelling.

Ref. No: 07/00700/F

Recommended Approval

13. Village Green and Sign:

 The Chairman has contacted the builder regarding getting the village sign erected and this will be followed up in the next week.

 The clerk will obtain the forms to proceed with registering The Green with Land Registry.

 There is a rubbish bin in the play area which is emptied by BCKLWN, but a second bin on The Green has been suggested. Cllr Manley had been looking into the provision of a bin for The Green so his successor will be contacted to see if he is willing to follow up this request.

 The clerk will check the parish council insurance before asking for volunteers to clean the pond area.

14. Date of Annual Parish meeting:

Tuesday June 12th 2007, 7.30pm @ Wretton Church

It was proposed and agreed that future parish council meetings should be held on the second Tuesday of the month.

15. Other Reports - for information only:

15.1 Drainage along Cromer Lane has been discussed with the Highway Technician.

15.2 It was queried when verge cutting will take place in the parish.

Parish Clerk

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