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News from James Bradfield School

August 2007

An end of term report from the JBS Church of England School

Key Stage 1 children enjoyed a visit to the Ancient House Museum on the 15th June. They were able to see and handle artefacts from Tudor times and explore the Ancient House. A very enjoyable visit followed up with a picnic lunch in Thetford Forest, a walk through the Forest and some games.

On July 6th Years Reception, 1, 2 and 3 travelled to wells as part of their local environment studies. Although the day was dull and chilly the children had a wonderful time.

They completed a trail around Old Wells, had a ride on the mini train, a picnic on the beach and built sand castles. All the children were very good and behaved excellently.

Stars at James Bradfield

In the week before the end of the school

Year the children had a mini-talent

show in which they performed a

variety of songs, poems, jokes and dance displays to the rest of the school.

All acts worked hard to do their best and were rapturously received by their audience of staff and pupils.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Fruffy the fastest snail in the East won the

Snail race for its owner

Neith Charlesworth at the recent races held in school.

Gardeners of the Future

The winners of our potato growing competition were Year 1 with 900g.

The heaviest potato competition was won by Jessica.

Chairman of Governors

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