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Letter from the Rectory

August 2007

Judith debates the need for commitment in today's society.

Dear friends,

COMMITMENT: it's not a popular word these days, is it, that is unless we are on the receiving end.

People are afraid of commitment, of being tied down. When I was brought up I remember my parents teaching me that I had to go to the first birthday party whose invitation I had accepted, even when a later, and in my childhood eyes, a better, invitation arrived. A promise to turn up at the first one had been accepted on my behalf and that was that. It was just too bad that both invitations clashed.

I remember the disappointment in my young son's eyes when he realised that most of his friends had not bothered to turn up to his birthday party, even though their parents had promised, but had gone to something else instead.

On the other hand, we all like to be on the receiving end of commitment. It is good to know there is someone whose word we can trust, who will do what they have promised. Couples come to their weddings with hearts full of hope and make their promises to each other "till death us do part."

Daily life would be very difficult without commitment; we want the buses to take us to the destination displayed, products we buy to live up to their guarantee and banks to fulfil their agreements when we hand over our cards at the till..

As we all know, daily life doesn't always come up to expectations. God, however, never breaks his promises. We are holding a confirmation service for this group of churches at St. Andrew's, West Dereham on Sunday 9th September at 6.30 pm.

A Confirmation service is where a two-way commitment takes place. It is when a person makes a public commitment to follow Jesus and it also when we are reminded of Jesus' commitment to keep his promises to us. There are more than 365 promises in the New Testament alone - more than enough for one each day of the year! And Jesus showed his greatest commitment to us, of course, by dying for us: "Greater love has no man than this..."

If you would like to be confirmed there is still time, as our Confirmation classes are taking the form of an Alpha Course - a discussion group which will continue as a Bible Study group after the Confirmation date. Do ring me if you are interested.

With best wishes,

Judith Grundy

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