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A letter to the Editor regarding Global Warming

August 2007

Peter challenges some of the myths about power consumption and its impact on Global warming.

Dear Ray,

Lee McCarthy's letter regarding the power consumption of an LCD screen brings us back to some points I was making a few months ago. We, the great mass of 'the tax paying public' do not have access the facts to look at these things and make decisions. Manufacturers put out what they want us to believe, not necessary telling lies, but only telling us the bits they want us to know.

For example, when they were installed we were told what output the two Swaffham turbines were supposed to generate. A few years on, I am lead to believe it is nearer 30% of that theoretical figure. But who really knows? To be honest, hard facts are difficult to come by.

I do know from my own experience that the Swaffham turbines are stationary for an awful lot of time, and that can hardly assist in their efficiency. The same fate seems to have befallen the North Pickenham generators also. It is a rare day that I pass them when they are all rotating. A couple of weeks ago at least one was rotating at a totally different speed than the rest! I don't suppose anyone will tell us why and what effect it has on the overall efficiency of the power generating station?

It is time someone in authority (and I don't mean the government) gave us the truth.


Peter Bodle

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