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Yet another letter to the Editor

July 2007

Peter takes up the challenge issued by Ron in last months Soapbox about Global Warming. Can you add to the discussion?

Dear Ray,

May I reply to Ron's letter regarding my 'moan' at energy wasted on lights on cars in broad daylight?

Personally I don't think eliminating habits that waste energy unnecessarily is a wrong priority, though I would agree with the thrust of Ron's reply that it is of minor importance in the overall scheme of things. (Though over all the years of millions of Volvos, Saabs and now with other followers of fashion doing this, it would I submit, still amount to a fair old saving.) However as I hoped to imply, if we all do those little things that are within our power, it must help; and as we don't need lights on cars to see during the hours of daylight, then to turn them off must help; surely? To do the other things Ron suggests will of course also be a help. So why not do them all? Pump up your tyres for instance! Running 2 or 3 psi over pressure will reduce your fuel burn, and as neither you nor your car are Lewis Hamilton or an F1 McLaren, you won't notice any deterioration in your car's road holding.

I don't subscribe to the idea that it is all 'for the other guy to do'. I am fully aware that man's contribution to the global warming problem is in itself minimal in the greater scheme of things, and that the world is constantly evolving and changing regardless of man and his activities. However that in itself is still no reason not to do all we can to make it better, or at least doing as little as possible to make it worse.

After all, on a very personal note, the less fuel we burn, the less it costs and the more of our hard earned money we can keep to spend on other things...er....that need to be manufactured.....using more energy......which uses more fossil fuel.......which increases global warming..........

Ah well Ron, at least we tried!

Peter Bodle

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