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Stoke Ferry - Crime Capital Of Britain?

July 2007

Lee wonders if there has been a slight exaggeration of the behavious of local teenagers.

Dear Editor

I am a fairly new resident of Stoke Ferry and I must admit that I know hardly anything about the place or the people in it. I know there is a pub, frequented once; I know there is a shop, frequented often, oh and I know there is a mill from where when closed down the four horsemen of the apocalypse will emerge, according to one anonymous contributor.

It is safe to say that I am not fully aware of what the village has to offer other than some articles that I have read online in the Pump. That said, it still comes as a surprise that the main topic of conversation is how unruly the young inhabitants of the village are.

Is it really that bad I ask? One hand on my deeds, the other on the phone to the estate agent.

I see the cars, albeit fleetingly at 60mph in a 30. I hear the stereos within, dissolving brain cells that few of the occupants can spare. But if I had known it was as bad people say, I would have moved to Baghdad.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not some bleeding heart, oh the kids have nothing to do, we should build them some more playgrounds do-gooder; far from it. I, like most, also wished we lived in a time where the only things kids in a group did was walk their dog and drink lashings of ginger pop. But unfortunately times have moved on and lets face it these times have not just appeared from nowhere; they are a product of the previous generation, from which most of this magazines readers come from. Did we create the beast?

Let me ask, have you ever read anything in the pump that was written by anyone that didn't have a name that was popular in the 50's?


Lets hear from the kids; what's going on in their Stoke Ferry? One contributor was right, the festival seemed like it was organised for the over forties, with next years proud sponsor SAGA.

If the people of this village are that concerned with the state of things, why didn't they vote? I went; I asked the gentleman that ticked off my name if it had been busy as the list of registered voters was long and the ones ticked off so few. My question woke him up; and don't complain about not knowing what you were voting for, you can use the internet for more than writing grumpy letters.

On a separate note, did anonymous know that St George was a Roman and also the Patron of Canada, Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia and Moscow among others; oh, also herpes and syphilis? I am all for being nationalistic but which nation? That's another thing the internet is good for.

Lee McCarthy

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