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Minutes of the West Dereham Annual Parish Council meeting

July 2007

Here are the minutes of the West dereham Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the West Dereham Annual Parish Council meeting held on Thursday

31st May 2007 following the Parish Meeting

1. Present: Miss Richardson, M. Grief, R. Drew, B. Glover, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Cann. Mrs. Fisher, T. Manley: Borough Councillor together with 12 members of the public.

2. Apologies: None

3. Election of Chairman: The Clerk asked for nominations - Miss Richardson was proposed by Mrs. Fisher and seconded by M. Grief - there being no other nominations - Miss Richardson was elected.

4. Election of Vice Chairman: Nominations were called for and Mrs. Fisher was proposed by R. Drew and seconded by M. Grief - there being no other nominations Mrs. Fisher was duly elected.

5. Minutes: It was proposed by C. Cairn and seconded by R. Drew that the minutes of the April meeting be signed as a correct record.

6. Matters Arising: B.T. Cable in Lime Kiln Road - an Engineer is coming to inspect the problem.

7. Planning: None

8. Payments: None

9. Date of Audit: 17th September 2007.

10. Adoption of Accounts: It was proposed by Mrs. Fisher and seconded by M. Grief that the accounts be adopted as presented.

11. Appointment of R.F.O.: It was proposed by Miss Richardson and seconded by R. Drew that the Clerk be appointed.

12. Review of Burial Fees: After a discussion it was agreed that all fees to be increased by £5.00 - proposed by Mrs. Berry and seconded M. Grief.

13. Correspondence: Norfolk Link: Norfolk Matters: N.R.C.C. Signpost: W.N.B.C. -property rename Jay-C-Bee is to be known as Lime House: W.N.B.C. Fund Opportunities - all noted. N.C.C. Farming and Public Rights of Way - Chairperson has retained booklet. Downham Police - Safer Neighbourhoods etc: meeting to be held 5/6/07 at 7.OOp.m. in Watlington Village Hall. East of England - Regional Gypsy & Traveller events meetings. N.C.C. Questionnaire to be completed by Chairperson & Clerk. Letter from Lovells Dole regarding Parish Council's representative to Charity - agreed to nominate Mrs. Farnham again - as proposed by B. Glover and seconded by M. Grief. Mr. French wrote reference the Allotments -permission is requested to erect a Poly tunnel - approved - request for small shed to be erected - this is to be discussed at the Allotment meeting - and request for water to be laid on to the Site - clerk to check costs.

14. Any Other Business: There is to be an Allotment Site meeting on Tuesday 12th June 2007 at 7.00 p.m. It was stressed that all vandalism is to be reported to the Police so that the statistics can be updated. The clerk is to investigate the cost of installing water at the Cemetery and the Allotments. It was requested that the possibility of the Parish Council having their own Web site - Mrs. Cann and T. Manley volunteered to look into the matter and Mrs. Cann volunteered to arrange for the in putting of the information into the Web site. Mrs. Fisher confirmed that the Millennium Project Trustees are holding a meeting on 13th June 2007 to discuss all possible projects.

The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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