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July Editorial

July 2007

Ray welcomes everyone to a Blair free zone! He then starts a campaign to clean up the Stoke Ferry common and encourages villagers to have their say on this years Stoke Ferry Festival.

Hello again,

I suppose I should start this month by welcoming readers to a Blair -Free zone? With the Health Service falling further and further in to disrepair, schools failing even the brightest of children and care for the elderly beggaring belief, New Labour's record is, at best, more spin than substance. Let us hope the new Prime Minister makes a better fist of things (no pun intended!) But enough of politics. We don't want the Village Pump being labelled as part of the feral media!

Like many Stoke Ferry residents, we regularly walk our dogs on the Stoke Ferry common. This once pleasurable daily event has, over recent weeks, become almost a nightmare due to the damage caused by off-road racing of motorcycles and quad bikes. For OAP's like us, walking is a difficult enough activity at the best of times. But when the surface is churned up, riddled with wheel tracks and loose stones, it becomes a nightmare. I have asked the Parish Council if something can be done to stop this needless vandalism but, with the current manning levels of our local police force, I doubt it. It seems a pity that the enjoyment of the many is being spoiled by a few tearaways who put their own enjoyment above that of others. Please note; I did not say teenagers; for all I know the guilty parties could be any age. I just wish they'd stop.

Readers will have noted that excitement is building for the Stoke Ferry Music Festival and the Street Festival both scheduled for September. Readers will also have noted the criticism of last years Festival in the Straight Talking articles and the Letters page. Those who feel strongly about the content of the Festival should make sure they attend the Open Meeting planned for Wednesday 18th July in the Stoke Ferry Village Hall. This is an opportunity for residents to have their say ahead of the event. Remember, it is no good complaining after the event; take the opportunity offered by this meeting to have your say while something can still be done about it.

The Stoke Ferry website suggests several new families have moved or are moving in to the village. I am sure the same is true of our sister villages. If you have new neighbours in any of our villages, please let Graham Forster know (501536) so that we can provide a welcoming copy of the Pump.

Enjoy the promised summer heat wave!

Ray Thompson

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