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July 2007

Lee takes Ron Watts' arguements a stage further by identifying our lack of community interest as a major problem for Britain!

The Village Soap box

When I was a young Man - Ron Watts - May 2007

Following on from Rons article.

A few years ago, before my grandmother died, I asked her what was the best period of her life she said the 1950's. She said it was a time of hope and relief.

I have often wondered like Ron, why have we become a more selfish and violent society and the best I could come up with was a lowering of standards in education. But then I wondered whether we were not exactly the same back then, the only difference being our anger was not being projected on each other but other nations.

To use football as an analogy; when club football teams play each other, they are more often than not hostile towards each other. But during an England international you often see the different clubs flag waving fans all combining for a common cause, with no hostility to be seen.

After 7/7 bombings; London was united.

After 9/11 the civility on planes was stifling, with one pilot urging you to make friends with the person next to you so that you can unite in an emergency.

Harsh as it sounds it may take the hardships, death and destruction of a war to bring the people of this country together.

It's hard to mug someone on the tube if you have to make your getaway past 4000 people sleeping on the platform.


Lee McCarthy

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