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Village Liaison Minutes

June 2007

Minutes of the April Liaison meeting

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mills


Wednesday 4th April 2007


Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mrs Trudy Mann ( Parish Council)

Mr Dave Robson ( Borough Council)

Mr Lionel Halls (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Keith White (Grampian Country Food Group)

1. Apologies

Mr Mathew Ferrie

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (10th January 2007) and matters arising.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

Mr K White stated the Company had received 4 complaints.

On the 15th January a resident in the High Street complained of a bad smell coming from the factory and a speeding Company LGV was also noted, these

occurred over the weekend 13th & 14th January. All emission points were checked & no faults were detected. The LGV registration was not obtained by the complainant and could not be investigated; however an instruction was given to all drivers stating the 20mph limit through the village.

On the 6th February a resident of Buckenham Drive complained of a loud noise from the mill beginning at approximately 4.00am. The noise was investigated and could have been a conveyor being blocked & slipping on the drive chain.

On the 15th February a resident of Furlong Drove complained of a loud "buzzy" noise from the mill. A walk around the perimeter of the premises could detect no excessive noise.

On the 28th March a resident of Lynn Road complained of a loud noise from the boiler house. The Company was having an annual test on its boiler. The insurance test was due too commence on the 29th March, however the contractors completing these checks actually tested the main pressure valve on the 28th.

4. Noise

No further items received other than in the 3 complaints relating too noise.

It was stated by Mr Dave Robson no complaints had been received by the Borough Council.

5. Transport

Mrs Trudy Mann stated a LGV which was delivering to the Mill had driven into Buckenham Drive and then reversed out as the vehicle was to large to turn around. Mr K White stated that a no right turn sign would be placed at the bottom gate of the mill yard.

Mr R Thompson asked why a Company LGV would park on Furlong Road near the cemetery entrance. Mr K White stated that there was no reason to park here and if a vehicle was seen again he should be contacted.

6. Odour dust & particulates.

Mr R Thompson stated that wax deposits as seen in prior years was again evident, Mr K White stated that he could not identify a process in the mill which could be linked to this problem. All emission points were checked and no faults recorded.

Mr R Thompson also asked Mrs T Mann if the Parish Council had received any further information from Dr John Reece of the PCT regarding dust particulates which links the alleged Stoke Ferry cough. Mr D Robson explained at length the process of emission point testing as required by the Environment Agency to comply with the IPPC permit.

On behalf of the committee Mr K White stated he would contact the Environment Agency to invite them too the next meeting.

7. A.O.B

Mr R Thompson asked what would happen to the Millers Arms since its closure.

Mr L Halls stated that the options would be to re-lease or sell the property but his preference would be to re-lease the property as licensed premises. These options would be evaluated in the near future.

The committee asked if Selfs field could be made available during the coming

Village Festival, Mr L Halls agreed to this request.

Mrs T Mann asked if the field next to the Playing field could be used as a further football pitch. Mr L Halls asked for a written proposal from the Playing Field Committee regarding its intentions.

Date for next meeting 4th July 2007.

Keith White

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