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Stoke Ferry Methodist newsletter

June 2007

Matt examines the conflict of opinions on The God delusion

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There has been a big debate going on in recent times between two acclaimed professors in our country, Richard Hawking and Robert Winston. The debate is over the word Hawking's new book 'The God Delusion' in which he writes that there is not place for God in our modern world and that one day this human weakness will evolve out of us. Winston rejects this with his lecture 'The Science Delusion' he rebuts the idea that those people of faith are somehow weaker than an atheist. I guess some of you may agree with Hawkins view that the true beauty of the world is that it has evolved by itself or some with Winston who sees the mark of the creator the universe.

For me personally as a minister, unsurprisingly I see the fingerprints of God all over this world of ours. It is not just the theology I have read and the sermons I have heard that convince me of this. I have become a father for the first time and it has been the most spiritual wondrous time for me- even with the sleepless nights! To hold in your hands such new life is incredible-mystical. It is impossible to take in the fragility of life in this tiny child or the amazement that this miracle happens thousands of times everyday. Now I know I am gooey, I make no excuses, but there is something of the divine in what I am experiencing and it takes more courage to deny the mark of a creator that believe.

Perhaps you disagree I would love to know your opinion. I am not for one moment rejecting the place of science in our world. I thank God for all it has discovered and bought to this world. I do however see in the seas and sunsets, the galaxies and glaciers, the babies and balding something that no equation can explain, no test tube distil. I see our world bears the mark of a creator beyond even the understanding of the cleverest mind.

Matt Finch

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