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Editor's Note

June 2007

An apology for inaccuracies in a previous item

Editor's Note

Having checked the minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council and contacted the Parish Clerk, I can find no reference to the names of the 4 young people apprehended by the Police for causing a nuisance to residents' in Border Road (SFPC Minutes Item 8 of 21 Feb 07 refers.) It seems, therefore, that the observation made in last month's Straight Talking concerning this item in the minutes of the February meeting was the result of a misunderstanding by the author.

The Parish Clerk also reminds me that it is the personal responsibility of individual councillors to declare an interest in any matter and excuse themselves from the discussions of that topic. It is not a Parish Council responsibility to determine expressions of interest.

My apologies to Stoke Ferry Parish Council and any Parish Councillor who was embarrassed by the Straight Talking item.

Ray Thompson

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