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Another letter to the Editor

June 2007

Debroy, a past and founder member of the Stoke Ferry Residents' Association seeks to put the record straight about insinuations made in "Straight Talking".

Dear Ray,

I would like my comments listed below to be included in the next edition of the Village Pump. I'll start as follows:-

My name is Debroy Summers and I am a past and founder member of Stoke Ferry Residents' Association Committee. As you can see I am not afraid of having my name printed unlike the self confessed grumpy old man who says name & address supplied and hides behind this alias. Let's get a few facts straightened out for him and other residents of Stoke Ferry:

1. Monies raised by the committee was used as follows:- To help the Stoke Ferry Rovers under 11's football team to buy their kit when they were let down by a business in Whittington; to help the Playing field committee meet insurance costs. Unfortunately the Parish Council, through no fault of their own, could not as they had helped out towards maintenance on the field, could not fund both items.

2. The chairs purchased from e-bay, which by the way I bid for and won on behalf of the committee for the sum of £70 + £10 for my fuel expenses, have since been hired out for the sum of £100 to a local arts group in Stoke Ferry. The reason for purchasing these chairs was to save the committee hiring chairs for future use.

3. Providing insurance to the tune of £500 plus to cover for events in the village which is required by law.

4. For last years Festival we had to hire toilets from Carters Cabin Hire for the benefit of visitors which came to a sum of £800.

5. A sum of £1000 has been ring fenced for the Festival for this year.

6. John Preston & Carol Hunter gave their services along with other Committee Members for free at the Festival last year, and they worked b---dy hard for others to enjoy. Artists who gave up their Sunday had to be paid for. Would you give up your Sunday for nothing?

7. With regards to comments on the Church. The only thing the Committee has purchased is fire extinguishers for the safety of people and the Church when being used. Kit Hesketh Harvey has kindly allowed the Church to be used by the Residents' Association Committee to store the chairs free of charge and also has offered to purchase a lean-to for the future storage. Stoke Ferry Residents' Association does not financially support this building; these chairs were not supplied for the Church. By the way Mr Grumpy I personally made many phone calls on behalf of the Residents' Association Committee and what's more did it free of charge as I have done on many occasions in the past and so have other committee members.

8. The Residents' Association is open to all residents of Stoke Ferry whether they live in a private or a Housing Association property. This includes"YOU" Mr. Grumpy. If you were to join the Association committee you could see where the money goes to and have your say where it should go to. By the way at the AGM the accounts were open for you and all to see if you had bothered to turn up.

9. As far as your comments are concerned about the village being over run by people who do not care about Stoke Ferry, contrary to your feelings and others of this village you are mistakenly wrong. I speak on behalf of many very passionate people who love living here and care very much about this village even though they may have come from other parts of the country, as both myself and my wife have done.

10. With regards to the Festival last year, if you had cared to walk to the Millers field you would have found many youngsters enjoying themselves and asking us to do it next year. Also in the evening outside on the square enjoyment was had by all including children whose parents kept them up till late dancing and singing to the sound of John & Carol and other artists playing music.

11. I can certainly speak for all committee members and others involved with the Residents' Association that we have not and do not line our pockets with your money, and would have no intention of doing so. I do not see how I am destroying yours or anyone else's way of life.

12. One last comment Mr Grumpy, as a member of Stoke Ferry Parish Council I feel you should get your facts right regarding a Councillor and her children. The person who I feel you are aiming this at has spoken to me about your comments and is very upset because her son was not involved.

Ray, I hope you will publish my comments in there entirety, for the benefit of Mr. Grumpy and other residents of this village who seem sympathetic to his comments. I feel what I have written is true and unbiased. If you do have a comment please feel free to ring me.

Thanks Debroy.

Debroy Summers

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