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The Young at Heart Group

May 2007

Report of the club's April meeting.

Young at Heart Group

(Stoke Ferry Residents' Association)

The Young at Heart Group would like to say thank you once again to our local Historian Peter Bodle. Peter came to give us such an informative talk and film show of an actual bombing raid and the run up to the Second World War. This was at the 21st March meeting, which terminated at approximately 5.00pm.

On the 4th April we had a game of dominoes followed by tea and cakes, an auction and a raffle. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

On 18th April the Group is going on a day trip to Boston.

If anyone would like to attend our Group meetings but has difficulty getting there, please phone Joyce Hull on 01366 501270 and arrangements ewill be made to collect you.

Joyce Hull


Stoke Ferry Residents' Association

Joyce Hull

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