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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Minutes

May 2007

Minutes of the March meeting of the SFPC.


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 28 March 2007

Those Attending: Mr M Ferrie (Chairman), Mrs T Mann (Vice-Chair), Mr M Precey, Mr D Summers, Mrs S Lansdell-Williams, Mr M Mycock, Mrs R Mendoza, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 11 members of the public.

Apologies: Were received from County Councillor T White, Borough Councillor T Manley, and PC Jackson

Minutes of Last Meeting: Mr M Precey proposed the Minutes be adopted seconded by Mrs T Mann

Matters Arising:

a) The Common - collection of rubbish - The concrete base for the rubbish bin was now in place, the bin should be delivered shortly. Rubbish was now being collected from the old mesh bin.

b) The Hill ownership - The Clerk had spoken to solicitors in respect of registering this area with the Parish Council, but was advised that unless the title deeds can be produced this could not be done. It was agreed not to pursue this at the current time.

c) Dog Fouling - more signs had been received and distributed.

d) Furlong Road - laying water - it appeared that Highways had dug some "grips" along this road, the problem seemed to have improved at the moment.

e) CCTV Camera at the Hill - this is now in place also two notices advising this camera was now in use.

f) High Street Barriers - Highways had informed the Clerk that these should be in place by the end of April, the delay being financial restraints.

g) Post Boxes - nothing further to report at the moment.

h) Great Mans Way - the situation seems to be under control, should there be any problems it will be investigated again.

i) Dirt track from School Lane towards Wretton - the situation has improved, the Clerk to write to the owner of the land to request action be taken to prevent this lane becoming a mud track every winter.

j) Furlong Road - pothole near A134 junction still not filled in yet - Clerk to chase up again.

k) Cemetery Seats - Mr Summers reported that two of the seats had been refurbished and were back in place. He asked the meeting if it was possible for a small reimbursement to help with electricity used during this refurbishment. It was unanimously agreed that he should receive £10

l) Apologies for absence from meetings - it was unanimously agreed that a specific reason for non attendance need not be given by councillors.

m) There had been no further problems from children attending the youth club, but over the weekend 24/25 March several properties in Oak Road and Border Road were targeted with various vandalism taking place including broken windows. The Police are of the opinion that the entrance at the top of Border Road into the playing fields should be blocked off together with the unmade footpath through to Fairfield Road. Discussion took place as to whether the Parish Council should follow this up. It was unanimously carried that further action should be taken.

n) Bottle Banks - Borough Council informed the Clerk that the village can have a bottle bank, once a site is pinpointed they will do all that is necessary. It was agreed that this should be sited on The Hill in front of the garden by the bus shelter. If the Borough need to meet anyone on site Mr Summers agreed to do this.


Construction of dwelling following demolition of barn at The Old Granary High Street - plans not returned by councillors (overdue) therefore no comments

Construction of extension to rear of dwelling at Bramley End Wretton Road

Construction of four dwellings and garages and extension to existing dwelling at Rev Lyn Lynn Road

The Chairman again reminded councillors that plans should be passed on to the next person within two days.

Accounts for Approval:

James Bradfield School - £11.90 - Hire of Hall January 2007

James Bradfield School - £11.90 - Hire of Hall February 2007

Audit Commission - £141.00 - 2006 Audit Fee

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance March/April

James Bradfield School - £11.90 - Hire of Hall March 2007

Ordnance Survey - £55.81 - Temporary Map Copying Licence (Parish Plan)

Stoke Ferry Timber Ltd - £99.79 - Materials for repairing Cemetery Seats

BCKL&WN - £39.74 - Cemetery Rates (Post dated cheque for 5 April 2007)

Mrs Mann proposed approval for payment seconded by Mr M Precey


Department for Constitutional Affairs - Memorial Safety - advising parish councils to ensure the safety of all areas in cemeteries in relation to memorials and gravestones.

Norfolk Police Authority advising of a 6.94% increase in their budget explaining the reasons for this increase

CGM - schedule of grass cutting/maintenance work for the playing fields and cemetery. A copy given to Mr Precey who will monitor the work during the summer, copy also given to the playing fields

Southern Area Road Safety Committee - thanking the parish for their support and requesting a contribution towards their running costs. This request refused

Audit Commission - confirming appointment of auditor for the financial year 2006/07

Quality Councils: The Chairman asked the council if they all understood the pro's and cons of Quality Council Status. After discussion the council agreed to carry on in its present form.

Councillors Other Business:

Mrs Mann advised that there would be a one off 6 a side football tournament in May and asked if the parish council had any objection to the youngsters having pedestrian access through Oak Road and Border Road from the school where cars would be parked. No objection was raised.

Mr Mycock reported a broken/loose drain cover on the junction of Boughton Road and Lynn Road, to be reported to Highways.

Also if anyone sees any street lights not working please report them to the Clerk.

Mrs Mendoza queried why the quarry which could be seen by residents in Little Lane had only been half filled. Mr Mycock informed the meeting that this is being filled with top soil - it belongs to the Charity Trustees and will be kept tidy, the situation to be monitored.

Mr Summers reported cars in Bridge Road parking on the pavements preventing pedestrians getting past. It was agreed that details of offending vehicles should be taken and passed to the police, or fill in a form in the post office, reporting any incident.

Traffic in Bridge Road/High Street is exceeding the speed limits, again any details gained should be reported to the police.

Mr Ferrie thanked all the councillors for their support during his term as chairman.

Public Other Business:

The Chairman of the School Governors informed the meeting that the school is being taken out of the group of churches Whittington, Wretton and Stoke Ferry, also pointing out that there had not been a vicar for four years and this group of churches need a vicar. She asked if the parish council would write to her as Chairman of Governors supporting the request for a vicar and the school being included within a group, this was agreed. She also asked if a parish councillor would be prepared to become a School Governor - this to be put on the Agenda for the next meeting.

Why did the council want to know if The Hill belonged to them. The chairman said it was just a matter of clarification. A very generous offer was made to do research in the records at Norwich if the council wishes.

Street Lighting - will low emission lights be used in view of the Government's views on global warming. The Clerk to ask Borough for guidance.

The member of Grampian staff who was verbally abused by a youngster has now received an apology from him.

The fairly new sign on the junction of Lynn Road/Furlong Road have had some of the letters removed. The Clerk to report to Highways.

Heavy goods vehicles still seem to be coming through the village, the road from the A134 roundabout states 18T but other roads through the village are 7.5T. Advice to be sought from Highways and the Police.

Large articulated lorry missed Grampian gates and ended up at the end of Buckenham Drive where no room to manoeuvre. The Clerk to write to Grampians requesting them to remind drivers where their entrance is.

A small child had their ball taken away from them by a resident when on the Open Space at the junction of Oak Road and Border Road.

A request made to enquire when the kerbs are to be started in Buckenham Drive.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05pm

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9 May 2007 commencing at 7.30pm. The Annual Parish Meeting to be on Wednesday 23 May 2007.

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Parish Clerk

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