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May 2007

The monthly Stoke Ferry Methodist Newsletter

Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

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6th May 11.00 John Bowden-Pickstock

13th May 11.00 Ruth Palmer

20th May 11.00 A cluster service led by Revd Andrew Sankey

27th May 11.00 Maggie Blowers

I have to admit that I am a sucker for antiques programs- 'Bargain Hunt', 'Cash in the Attic', 'Antiques Roadshow' or any of the other plethora of antiques based programs that litter our television schedules. I do not know why I love them so much, perhaps I fancy myself as the next 'Lovejoy'. It is obviously not just me who loves these programs or they would not be on our screens.

As much as I love them programs I do worry that they are making us keep our junk. Own up how many of you have a cupboard upstairs or a box in the garage of things that might be useful one day? I am not saying we should become a disposable culture but I am saying let us not get weighed down with our baggage. We now attribute value to things that do not have any- how many of you go to a boot fair to look for the treasure that no one else has spotted? Or do you slip into the trap of thinking I could never 'get rid of that' because 'it might be worth something' to even though it never see the light of day!

Perhaps I am writing nonsense and you are all deeply organised people never collecting junk nor filling your cupboards with unmade decisions or another thing that can be sorted another day. Even if you have not physical baggage that weighs you down, we are all hampered in someway. Clinging to a relationship of the past, maybe harbouring resentment, feeling the pain of betrayal or being out of control wishing for the stability of a time gone by.

As a Christian, I believe that God calls us all to face the physical and emotional baggage of our lives. To find healing for the hurts a big bin for that cupboard! To let go of the unforgiveness and keep the truly precious items. To make sure we save and display the treasures that have shaped us into who we are not obscure them with clutter. Not because God is a bully but so we seize the present and find the gems of the future God has for us to enjoy.

Good luck in your de-cluttering, speaking of which I had better practice what I preach and tidy this study!

Matt Finch

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