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May Editorial

May 2007

Ray explains the intention of Straight Talking

Hello again!

Well, what a hornet's nest I stirred up last month? Inevitably, "Straight Talking" angered some and struck a chord with other as the postbag shows. What I should add is that many other residents spoke to me or phoned me to say how much they agreed with the overall sentiments but did not wish to put their support in writing. Much has also been made about the item supposedly hiding behind "Name and address supplied". All I would say is that there is nothing sinister in this; it was merely the authors way of enabling readers to respond to implied criticisms without becoming personal. It is very common practice as readers of the Lynn News will know; almost half their letters are written under a similar signature.

The important issue is that if the remarks were so widely endorsed, particularly by the more established villagers, then those of us involved in the various Village organisations are not explaining our aims and we need to put this right. Equally, we must encourage these same residents to come to the various open meetings to fully understand what it is our groups are trying to do to improve village life. Until we do those, either born in Stoke Ferry or, who have lived here most of their lives will feel that we incomers are trying change the village to something alien to its' original inhabitants.

As "The Grumpy Old man" says in this months Straight Talking, 3rd May is Local Election Day. It is our responsibility to cast our vote and elect councillors that we think will work for the good of our various villages. So please, make a commitment; you can only moan about your elected representatives if you voted for them in the first place.

To return to safer ground, I had better revert to more normal English topics: the weather and our cricket team. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous but the England cricket team has been abysmal. I don't think I can ever recall our cricketers being booed off the field in an overseas tournament, but they were this time and deservedly so. Let's hope they can find their form before the 2007 Test season starts. And for those still puzzled by the Laws of Cricket, Graham Forster's items on page 55 are a must.

But good news for Stoke Ferry Rovers under 11 football team. They have reached there very first cup final in the Subsidiary cup and we wish them every success at Holt on Sunday 29th April.

Ray Thompson

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