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Letter from the SFRA in response to Straight talking

May 2007

The Residents' Association responds to remarks made in Straight Talking

Dear Editor,

At a recent meeting of the management committee of The Stoke Ferry Residents' Association (SFRA) the following resolution was passed with reference to the Anonymous article in the Village Pump, April 2007

In view of the significant number of factual errors in the article entitled Straight Talking, and on the advice of solicitors, the committee has agreed not to dignify such inaccurate writing with a reply.

The SFRA holds an open AGM where anyone who has the slightest interest in its activities may attend, listen, question and contribute. At that meeting the books are made available for inspection. That AGM is widely advertised including in The Village Pump.

Mrs Joyce Hull


Stoke Ferry Residents' Association

Joyce Hull

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