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Global Warming

May 2007

Peter noted the number of cars driving around with their lights and wondered if switching thm off would help reduce global warming

Dear Ray,

I've had a few further thoughts on this global warming thingee!

Last week Jane and I went down to Cornwall to see some of the children and have a holiday. From the moment we left Stoke Ferry to the moment we returned eight days later we were blessed with wall to wall sunshine. What amazed me was the amount of cars rushing about in broad daylight with their lights on!

Lights are energy users, all taken from the car's fuel tank. There is therefore an immediate way to save burning some fossil fuel without detriment to anything whatsoever. TURN THAT LIGHT OUT! (OK I've driven in Sweden, I know all about the land of the midnight sun and the mid- day gloom. Been there, done that. The UK is not Sweden, nothing like. No need for it here on safety grounds.)

How many cars I wonder, drive around with lights blazing 'coz it's a trendy thing to do?

I bet it's millions. Even if switching lights off during the day saves but one gallon per year, that's MILLIONS of gallons.

Do that and we will have saved millions of gallons of carbon generating fuel burn in one sweep.

Gosh I fell so much better for saying that.


Peter Bodle

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