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May 2007

Les applauds the fact that the Pump, at last, has someone prepared to express his views whether they are in tune with the rest of the village or not.

How much I enjoyed the article "Straight Talking" written by "A Wissey Valley Veteran." Here was someone who was prepared to say what he thought; forget for a moment whether I agreed with a single word he had to say or not, at long last here was someone prepared to write about local issues, and with some conviction.

The only criticism I would make was that the writer was not prepared to put his name to his article. Why I don't know. Lets hope this is not the last we hear from him and lets hope next time he comes out from behind the bushes.

All of this reminds me of so much. For example: the forthcoming local council and parish council elections on May 3rd and how I very much agree with Edward Wheatley from Hunstanton writing in the E.D.P. telling us that he won't be voting as he hasn't a clue what he would be voting for, which are my sentiments exactly.

What a golden opportunity our prospective councillors have had whether they are council or parish to outline their policies in the Village Pump. Something I'm sure our Editor would have agreed to at once. Is that however wishful thinking on my part? Maybe they haven't any policies to expand on. Will I be voting? No way! If I did I would merely be putting a cross by the side of a name. Yes of course there is nothing to stop anyone of us from attending meetings when we might then find out what councillors think or don't think but by then it's too late they have been elected.

It was only in last months Village Pump that I was suggesting that our Religious Fraternity seem to operate a policy of you had better come to us because we are not coming to you. I had in mind sharing a pint, or a coffee, in such places as the George and Dragon at Wereham where we could ask ourselves why so few show any interest in attending Church or Chapel, well aware that my observations would fall on stony ground.

How refreshing it therefore was a few days later to read in the Lynn News that the Rev Tony Higton of The Church in the Woottons, King's Lynn was having a "Pints of View" in two of his local pubs the first meeting to be based on the question Does God Exist? He tells us that in his view if Jesus was here He would go into places like pubs and meet ordinary people. Is that the view held by any of our local Clergy? I doubt it.

Accompanying this article is a photo of the Rev Higton in a pub standing behind the bar with a pint of beer in his hands, and what a splendid person he looks. All I am trying to suggest is that if people want to get themselves elected as councillors or wish to enter the clergy they should realise it's a people-contact pursuit and act accordingly which to his credit is just what the Rev Tony Higton is trying to do.

Les Lawrence

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