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Wretton Parish Council Minutes

April 2007

Minutes of the january meeting of Wretton Parish Council




Present: - Cllr I Mack Vice- Chairman (acting as Chairman),

Cllr B Glover, Cllr M Peake, Cllr N Pilgrim, Cllr S Briston

1. Apologies for Absence:

Cllr D Llewellyn, Cllr L Peake,

2. Declaration of Interest:

None stated

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday 8th November 2006,

Had previously been distributes and were agreed by all as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from the minutes of 08/11/06 not elsewhere on the agenda:

 A ROSPA inspection of the Play Area equipment has been booked through the Borough Council and will take place in March or April.

 The request for a donation for Norfolk Accident Rescue Service was omitted from this month's agenda and will now be an agenda item for the next meeting in March.

 The Highway Technician has said he will contact Cllr Llewellyn or Cllr Peake when he next visits Wretton so they can meet him to discuss outstanding Highway issues.

 Mowing of Wretton Green (when it has been transferred to the parish council) will cost £24.50 per occasion.

 An e-mail has been received regarding the moving of equipment and rubbish on land in Limehouse Drove belonging to the Jane Forby Charity. The correspondence states that it is unclear if anything has been removed from the land as was expected. Fly tipping is also noted as a problem in the area.

It was suggested that concern regarding fly tipping in the Stoke Ferry Common area should be passed to Stoke Ferry Parish Council and other matters should be reported to Environmental Health. It was also stated by a member of the parish council that lorries are known to drive down Limehouse Drive late at night and it was felt this should be reported to the police.

As weeds are dying down along roadsides fly tipping rubbish is becoming more noticeable and there appears to be an increase in abandoned rubbish around the parish, particularly along the West Dereham Road.

5. Neither The Chairman nor Clerk had any further reports to make.

6. Accounts presented for approval of payment:

It was resolved to accept the accounts for payment n accordance with the budget.

Finance as at 29/12/06

Community Account 2180.12

Business Premium Account 1645.24

Business Reserve Account 12348.86


Uncleared cheque 58.50

Total £16115.72

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (Nov/Dec) £113.42

MHB - Street light maintenance x2 £32.50

Inland Revenue £46.35

Hire of school £11.90

SLCC subs £25.00

It was suggested a note should be paced in the Newsletter to let people know that money raised through the paper bank in Wretton will be used to maintain the play area equipment.

6.1 It was decided to value the play equipment at £17000 for the purpose of including a figure in the parish council's asset list to be forwarded to the external auditor. This figure needs to be noted on the Annual Return before the external auditor can conclude the audit. Section 1 of the Annual Return was duly re-approved and re-signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

7. Correspondence

1. Notes from NCAPTC Western Area Meeting

2. Western Area Mobile Police Office Timetable

3. Norfolk Local Transport Plan - Summary Document

4. CPRE - What do we stand for?

5. Norfolk Matters - Possible Changes to Local Government in Norfolk (workshop tonight)

6. NCAPTC Lunch & Seminar 31/01/07 The Visitor Centre, Sandringham

7. Mayor's Award for Design in the Environment

8. Norfolk Link

9. Norfolk Gritting Routes Leaflet

10. Norfolk Police Authority Budget meeting - passed to Cllr Glover

11. Letter received from Mrs J Pardoe seeking permission to hold an 'all eras' living history market on Wretton Green. The purpose - to celebrate the 900th birthday of Wretton Church. The Parish Council were happy to support this venture.

8. Planning

Planning Decision:

Ref. No: 06/02207/F

Location: Old Red Lion, Low Road, Wretton

Details: Construction of extension to existing flat roof garage and new pitched roof over new an existing garage

Permission granted

9. Village Green and Sign:

o It was decided to ask Cllr Llewellyn how the design for the base of the sign was progressing and if possible to obtain a quote to build the base.

o The paperwork relating to the transfer of Wretton Green to Wretton Parish Council has now been received from the Borough Council.

It was resolved by three votes to two to accept the draft papers relating to the transfer of ownership of Wretton Green from the Borough Council to Wretton Parish Council at a cost of £401.

10. Further Reports - for information only:

10.1 Action is needed on Highways matters previously reported.

10.2 Fly-tipping needs reporting as already stated.

10.3 Some discussion took place regarding the sewerage system and it appears several issues still remain unresolved. Cllr Pilgrim has been looking into matters and it was requested that he obtain what information he can in writing. This will be an agenda item again for the next meeting.

Parish Clerk

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