River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

April 2007

The monthly Methodist Newsletter

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1st April 11.00 Don Gates

6th April 11.00 March of Witness led by Revd Andrew Sankey

8th April 11.00 Peter Hewitt

15th April 11.00 Church Fellowship Service

22nd April 11.00 Dudley Pickston

29th April 11.00 David Smith

Hasn't it be lovely to see the blue skies and sunshine after so many cloudy days. It is wonderful to see again that the daffodils are doing their thing, the snowdrops are just about finished and spring is nearly upon us completely. I love this time of year and the hope it brings. But with this joy there comes a bit of a worry as well. I would bet anyone a fiver however that you have had at least one conversation about the mild winter, the lack of a hard frost and how early the bulbs are flowering. It is lovely to have the mild weather but you can't but think just a little about the changes going on in our climate.

It is becoming harder and harder to ignore the warnings from scientists and politicians that our world is getting warmer and the consequences if we do not do anything about it. There is a difference between talking and doing- it seems the time is definitely upon us to do! It feels at times that little old me, or you, can do nothing in light of such a huge problem but I think a lot of little makes a big! We could save millions of litres of water every day by not leaving the tap running while cleaning our teeth or fixing that leaky tap. We could save tonnes of carbon by walking instead of driving. If we planted a few more trees we could offset the pollution we cause. You could save money and the planet by switching appliances of standby or boiling only the water you need for your cuppa. It is not until we say that it is up to us that the problem will begin to get smaller.

As Christians we believe that God so loved the world, this is translated from the word kosmos which means people and all of creation. So we have a responsibility as human beings to care for the world and all that is in it. Why not join us as Christian's in this community in doing our little bit to take care of our world so that future generations can enjoy it like we do.

Every blessing, Matt Finch

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