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Runnin On

April 2007

Janet chatters about her cat Toby and how a visit to Tesco cheered her up.

I have to rewrite a few lines to get my brain functioning again. After a bit of a lapse I want to be able to cope with Apostrophes and Catastrophes as I used to do.

I'm looking forward to the day I realise that I am no longer hesitating as each word helps to make some sense.

Major alterations have given me some quiet time to get on with whatever springs to mind. Toby the cat thinks he can type faster than I can, he could be right. Toby is very keen to get started with his life story. We put our thick leather gloves on when we need to extricate him from the keys!

0ne of the things that cheers me up on a dull day in February while writing this, is walking between the Library and Tesco's in Downham Market. The trees are still bare and there is an echo between the buildings, this is where one or two blackbirds seem to know this is the place where they can be heard the best.

It is worth sitting or pausing for a while just to listen to them. I expect by the time this gets into print they will have nested in the fully foliaged trees. But if the birds are anything like the ones in our garden they will still have something to sing about.

Our blackbird with the beak that he can't shut has survived the winter; I wonder if he can sing? Mind he doesn't need to for he is well set up with a partner who follows him back and forth to the bird table. Still no sign of interest in the nest boxes though, but I suppose it's still a bit early yet, even though the dozen or so blue and great tits are not so slow at polishing off peanuts as fast as I can put them out.

We are now into early March and in between the heavy rain if the sun comes out, I can actually feel some heat from it, so roll on summer and lets get the garden chairs out.


Janet Tilburn

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