Wereham Sign Gary Trouton


April 2007

Les ruminates about the fact that whatever he does, he has done it before.

I have a feeling that whatever you write about, you have written it before; likewise whatever you say rest assured you said that before. So can we look forward to something original then? Well not really; in fact I can't think of anything which is original, if I could I guess it wouldn't be original so it's back to what I have been going on about before.

In last months Village Pump I went on about Libraries as it appeared that when I go in to one I don't see many people about and this lack of interest, if I have got it right, seems to be supported by the comments made by the Wereham coordinator Sue Smith when she writes about the few people who use the mobile library at Wereham. I wonder though if this also applies to other villages as well? I have to say though that I'm not much of a book reader; I prefer reading newspapers and by the sound of it village newsletters as well. Just a minute, I said all of that last month. Well I did suggest earlier that if you were looking for originality count me out, but at least I'm consistent, the same dreary old stuff month after month you could say, and probably do.

Moving on which may well be advisable I must say I look forward to reading the minutes of the West Dereham Parish Council. They certainly don't hang around; the February Meeting started at 8pm and at 8-20pm it was all over. I have to say my warped sense of humour got the better of me. Madam Chairman - a point of order-sorry the Meeting is closed- hang on I haven't taken my overcoat off yet- Sorry West Dereham I'm only kidding.

Thinking of Committees reminds me of when I was a Committee Member of Methwold Social Club and we lost little time in banning a Member because of his bad behaviour. At the next meeting the door suddenly burst open and there was the Member's Father demanding that his Son be reinstated. If not, he would lose no time in sorting the lot of us out. At that point we unanimously considered our actions were somewhat hasty and order was restored when the dear Member was welcomed back in to the Club. And to think there are people around who don't value Democracy, it reigned supreme that night, the Members Father saw to that.

Back if we may to the Wereham News where we are advised that after visiting the library van we can all adjourn to the shop, post office, cafe, feed the ducks, pop along to the Wereham Tots, yes I'm with you all the way, but why no mention of the George and Dragon? I have spent many a happy hour in Pubs and Clubs, I feel very much at home in such places but what concerns me is that why it is that I have never in all my years ever come across a member of the Religious Fraternity there, after all what could be more interesting than sharing a pint, or a coffee if you wish, discussing why it is that so few people go to Church or Chapel, yes but then the trouble with our Religious Fraternity is that we have to go to them, they are not coming to us.

Think about it.

Les Lawrence

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