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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

April 2007

Minutres of the February meeting of the Stoke Ferry Parish Council


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 21 February 2007

1. Those Attending: Mr M Ferrie (Chairman), Mrs T Mann (Vice-Chair), Mr M Precey, Mrs M Leamon, Mr D Summers, Mrs S Lansdell-Williams, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 11 members of the public.

2. Apologies: Were received from County Councillor T White, Borough Councillor T Manley, Mrs R Mendoza, Mr Mycock and PC Jackson

The Chairman welcomed Mrs Lansdell-Williams to her first meeting as a Councillor.

3. Minutes of the last Meeting: Mrs T Mann proposed the Minutes be adopted seconded by Mr M Precey

4. Matters Arising:

a) The Culvert Bridge Road - Work has now been carried out to lower the hump in the road

b) The Common - collection of rubbish - A further site meeting was held with Mr Johnson Public Open Space Manager BCKL&WN, Cllr Mendoza, Cllr Manley and Mrs Hardy (Clerk). Mr Johnson agreed that he would provide a steel bin to hold a 240 wheelie bin and arrange for a concrete pad for the bin to be fixed to. The bin has been ordered and will take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Once in place he will arrange with the Service Team to commence collection of rubbish.

c) The Hill ownership - Norfolk County Association of Parish & Town Councils had forwarded information in relation to acquisition of ownerless land which had been copied to all councillors. It was agreed to leave matters as they are for the present but to obtain a quotation from solicitors for this piece of land to be registered the Land Registry as belonging to the Parish Council, as the title deeds to not appear to be available.

d) Oak Road leading to Border Road sign - now in place.

e) Dog Fouling - still a problem. The Clerk to obtain further "no fouling" signs, also to reword the notice in the Pump and on the Notice Board.

f) Petrol Tanks at Village Hall - A letter had been received from Wells Homes advising that these will be removed once the development begins.

g) Boughton Road - laying water - the Chairman reported that Highways were to dig some "grips" along this road to assist the water to soak away.

h) CCTV Camera at the Hill - the planning department has now approved a position for the camera - this will now be positioned accordingly.

i) High Street Barriers - the Chairman reported that these should be in place within 2/3 weeks.

j) The Cemetery - the one off tidy up has now been completed

k) Collapsed Drain Buckenham Drive - the Borough Council could not find any evidence of a collapsed drain but have filled in the hole.

l) Bus Stops - Mr Precey had a site meeting with Mr Boxby, County Infrastructure Department and Mr Edmunds, Highways to discuss additional bus stops in the village. It was agreed that the request had been approved but due to financial restraints this would not be included in the budget until 2008/09. The locations agreed were outside The Blue Bell, Bridge Road (nr Oxborough Road) and Wretton Road (near Oak Road).

m) Post Boxes - The Clerk had spoken to Mr Ford, Royal Mail Peterborough - the request is still being considered, they are still surveying the current post boxes ie monitoring the amount of mail in each box. Once this is complete they will make a decision, the outcome should be known in 5-6 weeks.

n) Parking at Village Hall - Wells Homes have agreed to consider parking provision when they have finally agreed the building to be undertaken on this site.

o) Budget - NCAPTC had forwarded information in respect of donations to charitable organisations which was circulated to councillors. This will be discussed further under any other business.

p) Great Mans Way - Members of the Council have encountered no access problems while walking this route but appreciate that if walkers are not familiar with the access arrangements they could feel they were crossing onto private property. Further guidance to be sought with regard to signage and the placement of barriers.

q) Raised Drain Cover near Fish Shop - Highways were unable to find any raised drain cover during their inspection.

r) Dirt track from School Lane towards Wretton - the Clerk to write to Carters asking them to clear some of the mud along this area.

s) Dukes Head - no response received from the Head teacher at Methwold School in respect of children kicking a ball at the building and being rude to staff at Grampians, monitor situation if it continues to write again.

t) Murals on Dukes Head - will stay until they begin to look untidy. Possibility of there not being new ones this year for the festival.

u) Tucks Cottage - hole has been filled in.

v) Furlong Road - pothole near A134 junction not filled in yet - Clerk to chase up.


A quotation had been received from Thomas B Bonnett for the cleaning, repair and fixing the three seats in the sum of £594.00. It was unanimously agreed that this not be accepted. Mr Precey and Mr Summers agreed to look at these seats and gradually carry out necessary repairs, the parish council would purchase the necessary materials. Once this work has been done, then make arrangements for fixing to ground. A notice to be put in The Pump for a "Friends of the Cemetery" group who would be prepared to carry out small repairs, painting the gates, keeping the Memorial Garden tidy, paint would be supplied by the parish.

5. Planning:

Grant of Planning Permission - construction of detached garage/log store 2 Lime Kiln Lane.

NCC - Licence to Cultivate Highway Verge at Barn Conversion Oxborough Road - approved by Parish.

Construction of building to house booster pumping station at Water Treatment Works School Lane - approved by Parish.

6. Payments for Approval:

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance January/February

CGM Ltd - £428.88 - Extra Works at Cemetery

Thomas Bonnett - £381.88 - making and fixing new seat

Mrs C Hardy - £396.24 - 1/4 Salary to end February 2007

Mrs C Hardy - £53.35 - 1/4 expenses to end February 2007

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance February/March

Mrs Leamon proposed approval for payment seconded by Mr M Precey

7. Correspondence:

BCKL&WN Development Services - Parish Training (attended by Mr Precey and Mrs Mendoza)

Audit Commission - 2005/2006 Audit completed successfully

W Emerson & Son - request for granite tablet inscribed "In Memory of Peter Ronald Bonnett 1922-2006" - approved

8. Councillors Other Business:

Mr Summers informed the meeting that the Residents Association had applied to Highways asking for road closures 07.00 - 23.00 on the day of the 2007 Festival - Sunday 23 September.

The Chairman reported he had received a call from a resident in Border Road who had been tormented by a group of children knocking on his door, frightening him and taking photos on their mobile phones. The Clerk informed the meeting that this had been ongoing for the last 2-3 weeks. The police did attend on Monday evening and apprehended 4 youngsters.

Mr Precey informed the meeting that following a Quality Council Seminar he had attended, it appeared that the majority of Parish Councils expected councillors to give a reason along with apologies for not attending meetings.

Mrs Leamon asked if a Bottle Bank could be supplied for the village. The Clerk to investigate this and whether any costs involved for the parish council.

Elections in May - the Clerk is still awaiting packs from the Electoral Registration Department, they should be received by the end of the month.

8. Playing Fields - The Chairman asked the meeting whether a donation should be given to the Playing Fields to help with their expenditures. It was unanimously agreed that a donation should be given. He then asked the meeting how much - Mrs Leamon proposed £500 seconded by Mr Summers. It was unanimously agreed that this amount should be given from the next financial years budget.

9. Public Other Business:

A member of the public complained that children who attend the Youth Club are causing disturbances within the local area and in the worst cases criminal damage to properties on the way to and upon leaving the venue. The Clerk to write a letter to the Youth Club to advise them of the situation.

The question was raised - is there a weight restriction in Wretton Road, Mr Summers said it was 7 1/2 tons

Road between the bridge at roundabout Bridge Road is in very bad condition - report to Highways

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.58pm

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 28 March 2007 commencing at 7.30pm. (This being five weeks to take into account the end of the financial year).

Parish Clerk

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