River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from the West Dereham Rectory

April 2007

Judith writes to her parishioners

Dear friends,


Yet I find that most people think that is what Christianity teaches. Absolutely not! Not only do we not have to be good, in fact, if we're honest with ourselves we can't be good enough.

There were two boys who grew up in the same village and went to the same school. They were best mates. But as time passed, whilst one boy matured and worked hard and passed his exams, his friend got into bad company, played truant and didn't do well at school.

They still remained friends and saw each other during the holidays, but as they grew up they lost touch. The first boy eventually went to law school, did well and finally became a high court judge.

One day a slovenly looking man stood in the dock before him, accused of robbery. The sentence was a rather hefty fine, which it was obvious that the man could not pay, or else a term in jail.

The judge recognised his old friend from his schooldays, but justice had to be done. He pronounced sentence. Then he laid his robes aside, got down from the bench and paid the fine on his old friend's behalf. Putting his arm around his friends shoulders they walked out of court together to renew their friendship.

That is what Jesus' cross and resurrection means. Happy Easter.

Best wishes,


Rwvwewbd Judith Grundy

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