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April's Editorial

April 2007

Ray expresses concern at yet more stupis ideas eminating from our national government

Hello again,

Last month my Editorial theme was "Rubbish". The dictionary definition of rubbish is: fragments of ruined buildings, rubble, waste matter, trumpery, etc etc. So it should come as no surprise that this month's theme is also rubbish!

I have been totally amazed these past few weeks at the rubbish being spoken by our elected members of parliament. Take first of all the new so-called 'Home- Sellers Pack.' Although much watered down it is still likely to impose tremendous penalties on all home owners. The key feature of this pack is the "eco-friendly" assessment of the property to be sold. We are told by various ministers that one element of the eco-friendly assessment will be the use or otherwise of low energy light bulbs. Even more important, the European Union has decreed that all conventional light bulbs are to be phased out by 2011. What rubbish! In my house alone I have some 20 or so fittings that simply won't take low energy light bulbs! Remember, these bulbs can not be used in any enclosed light fitting which is not open at the top and the bottom. Nor can they be used in microwaves, ovens or freezers, nor in electronically triggered security systems or with dimmer switches. The cost to home owners of this enforced change will be horrendous; one estimate of the cost to the UK is £3 Billion!

As I said; what a load of rubbish!

Then my hackles were really well and truly raised by the announcement by the Government that they will engage an army of inspectors to inspect playgroups and childminders to monitor the performance of babies between birth and 11 months. Babies will be required to demonstrate that they gain 'physical, psychological and emotional comfort' from 'snuggling in', can 'cry, gurgle, babble or squeal' to official requirements, and exhibit an approved level of enthusiasm for their fingers and toes. And toddlers, would you believe, will have to demonstrate they can 'run a rusk around their feeding tray' to prove that they are interested in making marks! And, I'm not making this up, Ofsted inspectors will make regular visits to nurseries, playgroups and childminders to ensure their charges meet the Government defined targets.

The result of this legislation will cause wholly unnecessary alarm, turn acts of simple caring and nurturing into a kind of permanent competition and trigger still more intervention by 'experts' on behalf of the state.

What a load of rubbish.

My worry is that once this nonsense is put in place,. It will be impossible to undo it.

Ray Thompson

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