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Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

March 2007

The March methodist newsletter

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4th March 11.00 Pauline Driver

10th March 11.00 Mick Blanks

17th March 11.00 Rev Matt Finch

24th March 11.00 Mr Brian Bannister

Whatever word you use to describe it, 'blessed', 'fortunate', 'lucky', 'jammy' or 'comically well ordered' we are well off in this country and this community. We have so much but we seem only to moan about the things that millions in our world go without. Our health service, the food we eat, the government that are allowed to choose.

I feel rather passionately about this at the moment because as some of you may have heard I spent a night sleeping rough on the streets of Downham Market to raise money for a homeless charity. It was so interesting just for a night, something of what millions in this world go through. I am not for one moment suggesting that I experienced the isolation, stigma or struggle but it was enough to make me think just how blessed I am. In our country there 100,000 households registered homeless, this means some 1million children are affected by homelessness. In the world there some 100 million street children, 18 million in India alone, many of whom die daily from easily prevented infections.

A few weeks ago I slept rough for charity, and it really hit home to me the things that most in this country take for granted. I was grateful for a cardboard box to keep me warm and the generosity of folk bringing me food and warm drinks. To depend on the goodwill of people for our comfort was frightening and something I would not want to do as a way of life. The best thing of all was when people acknowledged me and gave eye contact not simply walking by trying to ignore me.

More than anything it made me realise how blessed I am to have all I do. But there comes a responsibility to share the blessings I have received- in light of being so fortunate I must do my part to make life better for those who have nothing. Just imagine if we all tried to make this world a better place rather than moaning about it things might really begin to change.

Matt Finch

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