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St Andrew's West Dereham

March 2007

An update on activities at St Andrew's

St Andrew's - Repairs

We are waiting for all the details to fall into line so that the go-ahead for the repairs to the tower (pointing, roof and internal woodwork), the porch (external re-rendering) and the nave's North windows, may begin.

Lighting renewal

A request from the architect for an amended design is being processed, and should have been inspected for approval by the time this is in print.


Responding to one item on the quinquennial report on St Andrew's, the PCC has agreed to install four additional cross-beams to prevent the vestry roof spreading. This is in hand.


Dick Elmer has almost completed the massive task he set himself a year ago, of clearing the churchyard of all brambles, small bushes and not-so-small trees. Numerous bonfires later, and with assistance from Barry and Tim Glover, the whole churchyard is transformed. Many gravestones have seen the light of day for the first time in, probably, half a century. Amazingly there are clumps of snowdrops also enjoying the sunshine unencumbered by thickets of briars.

Dick has done a truly amazing job. He says he has found it a great source of pleasure and satisfaction - and Maureen knows it's kept him out of trouble (as if!) Everyone who drives past can now see and appreciate the beautiful church of St. Andrew's, standing out clear on its eminence above the village.

Well done, Dick: You're an inspiration, mate!

The Rysdenderbex Chorale

Whenever there is a fifth Sunday in the month, and it happens about four times each year, a group gathered from the four churches, and some friends from the Downham Choral Society get together, have a couple of practices, and sing the hymns and any special music at whichever church in the Denver Group in hosting the service.

If you like singing, can read music a little and would like to join this merry band for a few hours of fun rehearsal, and a very lively service on the Sunday in question, please phone Chris Young on 500470 for details - the Rysdenderbex Chorale would love to have you join us.

(By the way, the name is not a 'spoof" but, as you might work out, an amalgam of the names of the four parishes- Ryston, Denver, West Dereham and Bexwell. It sounds best with the emphasis on the 'den'.)

Farewell to Pat

We were all deeply saddened to lose from our congregation at St Andrews a lady who had, with husband John, become very dear to all of us. We rejoiced that she had come through so much treatment so successfully and that 2007 seemed to beckon as the year they could look forward to enjoying together.

Sadly, that was not be, as a post-operative infection took her from us, and particularly from John and her family, in a most unexpected way.

We rejoiced at her funeral, taken by long-time friend the Rev'd Alan Bennett, that Pat had a strong faith. The hymns were resilient with the hope and triumph of passing into the eternal life which was the focus of that faith, through Jesus her Saviour.

We offer John our love, support and prayers at this time.

Chris Young

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