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Runnin' On

March 2007

Janet is concerned with the topsy turvy weather of recent weeks

I suppose by the time this months article gets to print for March we will have had some different kind of weather to the kind that we are experiencing at this time of writing. The climate has gone all wrong and has fooled almost everything into blooming, even the birds in the garden are looking frisky and seem to be pairing up already, although I must say they haven't looked at the nest boxes yet. The grass needs cutting if it ever gets dry enough. Where are those two or three months that we used to have when the lawnmower used to go rusty in the shed?

The person it has fooled most is Mr T who has dug over the entire veggie patch ready for our annual supply of potatoes, onions and shallots. The potatoes are boxed up already for chitting and under the bed in the spare room, so there is one place I don't have to Hoover for a few weeks. The strawberries, raspberries and loganberries have all had their spring clean up and feed ready for a "bumper crop". He has to keep his priorities right and look after the wine producing crops; the vine will be spread across the greenhouse shortly after it's winter lay down, and I suppose we'll have tomato plants on the window sills shortly.

It's really not a moan because there's lots to look forward to at this time of year, especially after last month's gloomy outlook on the so called sales in the shops, and with a bit of luck most of the Christmas debts will have been cleared without too many house re- possessions. Even Toby the cat is hoping for warmer weather so he can dump some of his thick coat, and fool us into thinking he has lost some of his fourteen and a half pounds.

Janet Tilburn

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