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Minuted from West Dereham Parish Council

March 2007

Minutes of the February meeting of West Dereham Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of the West Dereham Parish Council held on Thursday 8th February 2007 at 8.OOp.m. in the Village Hall

1. Present: Miss Richardson - Chairperson, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Cairn, R. Drew together with one member of the public.

2. Apologies: Mrs. Berry, B. Glover and M. Grief

3. Minutes: It was agreed that the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th January 2007 be signed as a correct record.

4. Matters Arising: The Police wrote and stated that they do not have a Motor Cyclist speed check Officer but P.C. Dinger Bell is to be asked to give Station Road special attention. The 30 m.p.h. sign has been repaired in Lime Kiln Road and confirmation together with a Licence has been received from the County Council concerning the Village Sign in Lime Kiln Road which is definitely on County Council land not Church land. The footpaths Officer is keeping a watchful eye on the footpath from Hilgay Road to Brooks Lane. There are still some pot holes and various areas of road surface which need attention.

5. Planning: None

6. Payments: Pearce and Kemp £64.78 : Audit Commission £58.75 : F.J. Cowieson £1155.00 - proposed Mrs. Fisher and seconded Mrs. Cairn pass for payment.

7. Correspondence: Norfolk Matters : The Playing Field: W.N.B.C. Notification of Drainage Board meeting to be held on 14/3/07 - all noted.

8. Any Other Business: The question was asked about what is going to be done at the junction of Church Road and West Dereham Road near the old School - the clerk was instructed to try and find the answer. The Chairperson raised the matter of the clerk's salary and after a discussion it was proposed by Miss Richardson and seconded by Mrs. Fisher that it should be raised to £1210. 00 from 1/4/07 and also an expense sheet for postage, telephone and stationery must be submitted.

The meeting closed at 8.20 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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