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Letter from Mrs Jarred

March 2007

Mum's and Dads picking up children from the James Bradfield School are damaging local property with their cars. Mrs Jarred would like them to respect other peoples propery.

8, Wretton Road

Stoke Ferry

Kings Lynn


PE33 9SQ.

Dear Editor,.

I would like to draw the attention, of all the people who visit James Bradfield school by car, be it parent or staff, to the fact that the fencing which borders the car park outside Nos 6, 7 & 8 Wretton Road do actually belong to the said properties. But it seems people cannot park a car without hitting it, even though the car parking spaces are adequate.

The fencing looks a mess where it has been continuously hit, and even some of the concrete posts have been hit. I wonder if those people would like their property treated with the same disregard. A certain person hit a fence near my gate last week, moved the pillar to which my gates were attached ( luckily the gates were open otherwise it would have buckled the gates) and consequently I couldn't close the gates until the vehicle had been removed . The person in question didn't even have the decency to apologise. With parents like that what hope is there for the next generation, or indeed for the fence?

J Jarred

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