River Wissey Lovell Fuller

A resonable request

March 2007

Pat poetically seeks an answer to Tony Blair's policies

Mr. Blair I would like an explanation,

What are your rules on immigration?

Can just anyone walk onto our shores?

Whether Poles or Latvians or even Moors?

And where's it going to end

This ever growing population;

By digging up our countryside

To build them all accommodation?

You're building more and wider roads

Yet you're worried about congestion,

Mr. Blair!

May I just make an obvious suggestion?

And can I ask how many Brits. Have already migrated?

Being over taxed and thoroughly frustrated.

Off to find a better life in France or sunny Spain.

Would they be free to come back again?

We have overcrowded prisons so you had better build some more,

And we need more hospitals with all the elderly to cater for.

We need more schools and teachers, too, of course.

And please improve our stretched Police force.

So tell me please, where is this all leading to?

Will all our wildlife end up in a zoo?

Will all our green fields just disappear?

We need some answers before you scuttle off,

To make your millions, Mr. Blair.

Pat Watts

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