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February 2007

Les expresses his concern that people today are not willing to contribute to their local community,

I thought Ron Watt's article "Religion in the 21st Century" in last months Pump made interesting reading but in reality he was telling us something we all know; Churches being closed down, Chapels sold off, declining attendance's, you name it.

Editor Ray Thompson wants more Contributors for the Village Pump, will he be successful? Well he might, but I doubt it. Stoke Ferry Playing Field Committee AGM attracted only one member of the general public. They would like more next time around but I doubt if they will get anymore, and so on.

Yes but why is this happening? Is there anyone out there who is the least bit interested? I doubt it. I could now go on waffling about this or that but if nobody is listening I might just as well stop writing right now and go and sit on the Church roof. It would be just as productive.

If however no one is listening then whose fault is that? The answer, it's mine; I should stop the waffling and make my comments more interesting. The buck stops with me. So if only a few go to Church or Chapel, well there's your answer.

It's not unusual in my articles to make reference to the delectable Miss Jones; well I don't know a Miss Jones delectable or otherwise. I do know, however, that if she existed and I wanted to make her acquaintance I should get on my bike and seek her out. And when I did that, I should present myself in such a manner that I didn't bore her to tears otherwise I would get the "get lost" message and quick.

If only we could accept the fact that it's all down to us and stop blaming other people we really could make progress, but can you do that? There is no way that I can talk to people in the same way as I talk to myself. I constantly look in the mirror not because I'm vain but I just want to see if that idiot is still there and invariable he is.

So where is all of this leading us? The answer is quite simple. I enjoy writing so I have enjoyed writing this, but I mustn't delude myself that it will be productive. I might, as I said before, go and sit on the Church roof.

Just one problem, I'm scared of heights, and where did I get that from? Well my dear Mother, I just knew it had to be someone else's fault.

Les Lawrence

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