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Letter to the Editor

February 2007

Les Lawrence has a tongue in cheek view on FREE newsletters

Dear Editor

I note with a certain amount of disappointment that you poured cold water on the idea of a free Stoke Ferry Newsletter. I must say the idea appeals to me; after all, as a Pensioner I get at present free tablets from my Doctor and, thanks to that nice Mr. Brown, free bus travel so why not a free newsletter? After all we have one here at Methwold so why not one at Stoke Ferry.

Mr. Editor if you will allow me to speak frankly, to understand your opposition we have to go back to your school days where you will recall mathematics was not your strongest subject. In my case I excelled in a number of subjects, especially mathematics, and the only reason I failed my eleven plus was due entirely to the ineptitude of my teachers!

To-day in spite of my advancing years I still take a tremendous interest in figures, especially the one's that are associated with young teenage women. I feel however that I am digressing, back if we may to the freebie newsletter.

Not having to pay 50p each month, and here my mathematical brain at once tells me this equates to 12.5p each week, saves a not inconsiderate sum of money in this day and age. After all just think of what I can buy with this l2.5p each week if I don't have to spend it on buying the Village Pump.

So what does l2.5p each week buy? Well 1/2 a cigarette, 1/3 of a packet of crisps, 1/20 of a pint of beer, and 1/4 of a mars bar. Then of cause there is another aspect to consider. The Editor of this freebie newsletter would from day one wish to install a degree of class in to his or her Magazine and I'm sure my name would be well to the fore.

None of this Ron Watts stuff. The likes of him would have to continue to offer his tip-bits to the extremely expensive Village Pump, 50p per month, £6-50 per year. Little wonder people have no money.

No I think Mr. Editor when you have considered all the points I have raised I'm confident you will come round to my way of thinking.

Come to think of it the Editor of this freebie may well be a young Lady under the age of 30, in that case she will have my full support, especially when she realises I am interested in figures, namely hers.

Les Lawrence

Les, I didn't say Stoke Ferry should not have a free monthly newsletter I merely said this was not a role that could be performed by the Village Pump which, after all, has allegiance to six villages!


Les Lawrence

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