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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Minutes

December 2006

The minutes of the October meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 18 October 2006

Those Attending: Mr M Ferrie (Chairman), Mrs T Mann, Mr M Precey, Mr M Mycock, Mrs M Leamon, Mr D Summers, County Councillor T White, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 8 members of the public.

Apologies: Were received from Borough Councillor T Manley, Mr J Preston and PC Jackson

Minutes of the last Meeting: Mr M Precey proposed the Minutes be adopted seconded by Mrs T Mann.

Matters Arising:

a) The "No Motorised Vehicles Sign" no information as to the whereabouts of the sign had been received since the last meeting. It was agreed that a new sign be ordered, the cost would be in the region of £50.

b) The Culvert Bridge Road - CC White is still awaiting a further update from Highways, he will chase this up.

The Dyke at the School - a letter had been received from the Chairman of Governors thanking the Parish Council for their interest in this matter which is currently being dealt with.

Bus Stops - the signs for these posts are still awaited, the post at the bus shelter is still approximately 2ft from the edge of the kerb. CC White to investigate this.

c) Footpath from Wretton Road to Buckenham Drive - Cllr Manley reported that this matter was being looked into by Borough and is awaiting feedback from them.

d) The Common - collection of rubbish still not taking place. Cllr Manley forwarded a copy of an e-mail from the Waste and Recycling Manager suggesting that they would supply black plastic bags which would be collected if taken to and placed by the Village Hall bin. It was unanimously agreed that this was not acceptable, particularly as the waste collection lorries travel down to the Common. The Clerk to make contact with the Waste and Recycling Department once again. Mr Summers has agreed to attend a site meeting at a time to be arranged.

e) Wells Homes Lynn Road Site - this matter in abeyance until any planning application received.

f) Overgrown trees from Favor Parker Depot in Furlong Drove to the By-pass now been cut back.

g) Road signs for Boughton Road and Bradfield Place/Fairfield Road - now in place.

h) Notice Board - now in place. Councillor Mycock has kindly agreed to remove the old board and dispose of it.

i) Norfolk Constabulary meeting Reducing Crime & Disorder in West Norfolk, Mr Precey attended the meeting - it covered crimes committed in the Downham Market and immediate areas, which the Police and Fire Brigade monitored. The Chairman asked if anyone was interested in attending future meetings, no one volunteered. Norfolk Constabulary will be notified that we will not be represented in future.

j) Cloudy Water in village - the problem now seems to be resolved.

k) Bus Shelter - This has now been treated with Vendulene.

l) Phone Box - Now repaired and in working order for emergency calls or reverse charge calls only, no cash facility. CC White reported seeing youngsters sitting on top of the phone box. The Chairman will see if it can be painted with Vendulene to prevent this.

m) The Hill ownership - it was agreed that this area always belonged to the Parish Council. Contact to be made with the Borough Legal Department or NCAPTC for advice.

n) Trees for Playing Fields - Cllr Manley to investigate further and report back.

o) Oak Road leading to Border Road sign - to be chased up

p) Seat Lynn Road/Bradfield Place - It was unanimously agreed that this should be replaced. The Clerk to approach Cllr Manley who informed the last meeting that Borough may have some composite seats requesting prices, also obtain further prices for the next meeting.

q) Dog Fouling - this still a major problem. The Dog Warden is to supply a selection of notices. It was agreed that no "dog bins" should be provided. The Clerk to request the Dog Warden to visit the village.

r) Village Hall - Wells Homes have moved the fencing back to enable parking to take place for the time being.

s) Weeds/Storm Drain Wretton Road - works now done.

t) Village Liaison Committee Meeting - neither the Chairman or Mrs Mann were able to attend the meeting, therefore the request for the Playing Fields to use the piece of land next to the playing fields was not made.

u) Drains Wretton Road are being investigated

v) Lights at School - the Chairman read the response from the Chairman of Governors - these are left on at night for security reasons.

w) CCTV Camera at the Hill - a letter had been received from Inspector Bates at Downham Police Station to say they could not help but there was no reason why the parish council should not install their own cameras. Mr Summers knew of someone who had offered a camera, anonymously, and would maintain it. The Chairman asked that the person concerned contact him. It was also noted that if a camera were installed an appropriate notice would be required stating one was in use.

Co-option of Councillor

Mrs Rose Mendoza had applied for the vacancy, she introduced herself to the meeting. It was unanimously agreed that she be co-opted.


Grant of Planning Permission - conversion of former dairy to single dwelling The Old Dairy Thompsons Lane

Grant of Planning Permission - two detached bungalows at Cullens Cottage Boughton Road

Grant of Planning Permission - construction of new extension, demolition of flat roofed garage and rear extension at Russets Furlong Drove

Payments for Approval:

Thomas B Bonnett - £417.27 - Making and siting new notice board

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance September/October

BCKL&WN - £107.00 - printing Stoke Ferry Parish Plan Questionnaires

Thomas B Bonnett - £11.37 - Tin Vendulene Paint

James Bradfield School - £11.90 - Hire of Hall September

MHB Services Ltd - £65.78 - Lighting Maintenance October/November

Mr Precey proposed approval for payment seconded by CC White


Mrs Holton regarding an accident which took place in Lynn Road by the disused petrol pumps in which she incurred serious facial injuries. The Parish Council advised Mrs Holton to contact the owners of the land directly. It was pointed out that the light on the Village Hall was not working, this to be reported.

Central Services BCKL&WN - Street Naming and Numbering Agency Agreement

H Brett & Son Ltd - request to place a Memorial in the Cemetery for Arrold Jack Croot and his wife Nellie Madeleine - unanimously approved.

E-mail from Mr R Thompson in respect of a large number of rabbits being shot at night on the Common and the carcasses just left to rot, some obviously as a result of myxomatosis. The police to be informed.

Mr J Preston letter of resignation as Parish Councillor

Mr Edmunds, Highways - requesting to put Oak Bollards in place of the white metal fence/concrete posts in High Street. It was unanimously agreed that this area should be replaced with the same type of barrier.

Councillors Other Business:

The Chairman reported that far too many notices are being left on telegraph poles long after the event. If seen just take them down. It was agreed to ask the police what the law is in regard to BT not wishing posters/signs to be placed on telegraph poles.

The Chairman informed the meeting there was a possibility that the Church could be used as a venue for further meetings. The Council decided because of heating issues meetings would remain at the Community Centre.

CC White - cars parking in Whittington Road in the 40mph limit at night without lights on. Also there appears to be someone/persons sleeping on the Common. These to be reported to the police to follow up.

Mr Mycock reported drains blocked at Boughton Road junction also where kerbs have been reset Boughton Road/ Furlong Road water not draining away.

Mr Precey - requested that the Parish Plan Draw take place at the next meeting - agreed

Lark Road - no road sign in place, to be chased up

Recycling bins being left in the middle of pathways not adjacent to relevant property. Clerk to contact Waste & Recycling Department.

Mr Summers - re putting up event notices - see Chairman's comments above

Mrs Mann - asked if there was any news on the Kerbs being lowered in Buckenham Drive - CC White to get update

Mrs Leamon - Grass in the Cemetery not being cut or strimmed very well. Also the playing fields cutting not up to standard, the mound in Buckenham Drive was left with just mud on top no grass, cut too low. The Clerk to write to CGM.

Public Other Business:

Large lorries with GPS going along Boughton Road trying to get to Boughton, could any appropriate sign be erected. The situation to be monitored and reported to next meeting.

Could a "no dogs allowed" sign be put up at entrances to playing fields - this has been done in the past but they get painted over - all very costly. The Clerk to ask the Dog Warden to visit the village and perhaps monitor the situation.

Why is there a metal post along Wretton Road with a plastic bag on top and no sign. The Chairman will investigate.

A further point was made regarding the accident at the pumps in Lynn Road - these are now being vandalised, there is broken glass and metal lying around the area. Have they been made safe, ie tanks emptied completely. Mrs Holton was advised to write to Wells Homes personally and ask if they could possibly make the area safer.

Unregistered quad bike driving around the village. To be reported to the police.

The new sign Bradfield Place/Fairfield Place should have also stated leading to Manor Road. The Clerk to contact Borough regarding this.

The new seating arrangement for meetings was appreciated, much improved.

There is an Ivy Bush growing over a wall onto footpath in Lynn Road. The Clerk to investigate and write to owners of property.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.04pm

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 29 November 2006 commencing at 7.30pm.

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Parish Clerk

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