Wretton Sign Gary Trouton


December 2006

A report on a sleepover in Wretton church by a group of youngsters trying to raise money for church funds.

On Tuesday 31st October, myself, Adam Randall, Lucy

Hogan. Holly Hogan, Louise Randall, Trish Willis and

Elaine Taylor slept in Wretton Church in aid of a new

roof for the church. Here are some comments from the

people who participated:

Holly: i really enjoyed it we all had a laugh and

louise got pizza delivered to the church which was

really yummy and in the morning it was very cold

Lucy: It was great, such a laugh I thought it was

quite funnny when people tryed to scare us by tapping

on the window but it didnt work. But then the coldness

hit my nose froze.!!!!

Jamie: Cold. Cool. And nice pizza! I was gutted that

Paul had to go home cause we was going to have a laugh

and a half.

Adam: i had loads of fun minus the fact that it was

cold cold cold i almost froze. but it was the best

sleepover ever people kept trying to scare us by

knocking on the window but it didnt work thenks for

your support.


I would just like to mention the cold! I would like to

thank all four for giving up thier time ,even when

they didn't know about the pizza (A small personnal

Thanks) and to Paul who tried, but had stomach cramps

that got too painfull, and for raising another £300.00

to the church roof fund. So thanks Holly, Jamie, Lucy

and Adam,and also to Trish and Elaine to trusting us

all in the church.

We are still welcoming generous donations. Please call

Louise on 01366 500521 if you would like to donate.

There will also be a Christmas Fayre and coffee

morning on 2nd December. Thank you.

Louise Randall

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