River Wissey Lovell Fuller

"Runnin' On".

December 2006

Janet provides us with a delightful poem depicting her view of the first Christmas

Now that we are into December and are well into the Christmas presents and Christmas card buying season it appears to me that the reason for Christmas is sometimes forgotten.

The poem that follows is one that I wrote a few years ago, and I don't think it's been in the Pump previously, but this is what I think of Christmas. Perhaps it will make some think that there's more to the festive season than just buying presents.

The first Christmas. As I see it

I can imagine Joseph saying, " Wrap the baby well tonight, Mary"

With the star above, the light is showing fields of snow.

And shepherds coming to see him, so, "Wrap the baby well, Mary."

With a manger for a bed, hay too, like the 'keeper said,

Your baby will be warm enough tonight, Mary.

And look, a shepherd boy who hev a lamb to carry.

He'll be warm enough with that, Mary!

Now then, what's this? Camels with rich riders?

They are warmly wrapped, Mary.

With servants too, I wonder who they are, Mary?

How's that baby? Fast asleep, in't he warm girl? Feel his feet.

A bit more hay for them little toes, Mary.

There's plenty left here for them cows, and us too, Mary.

Aren't folk kind to take us in? Tuck that swaddling 'neath his chin.

Keep out the cold, Mary.

What a little love he is, girl, I'm so proud of you and him.

I'll always love you both. Now then, lass, give us a grin.

We've company! Let them in, to see your little Jesus.

What a boy, don't he give you special joy, Mary.

Janet Tilburn.

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