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Minutes of Stoke Ferry residents' Association

December 2006

Minutes of the November meeting of the SFRA

Stoke Ferry Residents' Association

Patron Julian Clary





Joyce Hull Chairman

Debroy Summers Deputy Chairman

Daphne Clements

Ellen Spain

Val Summers

Ray Thompson

Item 1 - WELCOME

The chairman welcomed attendees and thanked them for coming to the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Helaine Wyett.


The minutes of the last meeting were approved as an accurate record of discussions. DC did, however, raise a concern that topics discussed in Committee were being conveyed to the public before the minutes of that meeting had been approved. The Chairman reminded the Committee that discussions within Committee should not be repeated outside the meeting. The public would be informed of the decisions reached by formally approved minutes.


a. JH agreed to contact Norfolk Rural Community Council to find out if they required actual receipts or would accept copies as proof of expenditure.

This has been resolved and a formal report is being prepared.

b. Secretary agreed to contact Ray Thompson to confirm details of the Constitution.

This action was completed and the final version of the Constitution is now held by the Secretary.

FOOTNOTE This Constitution has been approved by KL&WN Borough Council and can only be amended at an AGM although Committee may table proposals for consideration at an AGM

c. Mulled wine, mince pies and sausage rolls to be provided after the concert on 7 December.

Chairman confirmed these were in hand.

d. A piper and hot chestnuts outside church.

DS confirmed that piper was booked and only payment required was travel costs. Hot chestnut facilities not yet identified.

e. DS to enquire availability of the Church for the AGM.

This had not been done and that led to discussion on whether the Church was a suitable venue. JH noted that, so far, no arrangements had been made to provide chairs which made the venue even less plausible. It was agreed that DC should check with Mally Reeve to see if the Village Hall could be used, if not on 12 December then on another day that week. ES suggested that a letter be sent to all Association members confirming final arrangements for the AGM

Secretary's note: The AGM will now be held in The Village Hall on Wednesday 13th December 2006

f. Mulled wine and mince pies to be available.

JH confirmed that preparations were in hand for refreshments.


The Chairman reported that the Association finances, taking note of an outstanding bill still to be paid, were as follows:

At bank £2,051.28

Petty Cash £362.52

Chairman reminded the meeting that a sum of £1,000 was ring fenced for Festival 2007.


a. DC suggested that small laminated badges should be prepared for all committee members who should then wear them at the AGM as a means of identification. This was agreed and Chairman agreed to ask Helaine to produce them

b. DS reported that Lynn News had agreed to include an article on the concert prior to the event and would arrange for a photographer to attend the event. ES would, as for Pink Flawed, would provide a post event write up for the Lynn News. After discussions on the use of any funds raised by the concert, it was agreed that DS should re-phrase his earlier statement to the Lynn News to reflect the decision at Action f. below

c. DS agreed to approach the Downham Market Mayor and the Mayor of King's Lynn to see if they would attend the concert as guests.

d. DS confirmed that he spoken to the Insurance Company and they had advised that the Concert was covered under the policy taken out for the Festival.

e. DS proposed that Kit Hesketh-Harvey be invited as a guest and the opportunity taken top present him with a financial recompense for heat and light used in events held in the church. After some discussion it was agreed that the Chairman would ask Helaine to prepare a note to K H-H formally stating that SFRA were presenting him with the fire extinguishers and would take on responsibility for their annual maintenance. The letter should then invite K H-H to advise his charges for use of the Church for future events.

f. DS suggested that representatives of local groups should be invited to the AGM and presented with financial donations. This proposal was not accepted on the grounds that the SFRA must retain sufficient funds to sponsor future events.

g. DS proposed that the SFRA should erect its' own notice board, alongside the Parish Council board, to publicise events and activities. This proposal was not accepted on cost grounds.

h. DS suggested that the SFRA should negotiate a "Loyalty" card for members whereby presentation of the Membership card would permit the member to obtain a discount on purchases. This proposal was not agreed as the Committee felt that it would be difficult to set up and impossible top prevent it being abused.

i. ES advised the Committee that Carol Hunter had asked if the Association would be prepared to act as her sponsor for a "Stress Clinic". The Committee felt that detailed proposals of CH's specific needs were essential so that adequate risk assessments, liabilities and potential hazards cold be evaluated.

j. RT agreed to talk to Kathy McBride to find out when the shirt photographs were to be taken.

k. The Chairman sought the view of the Committee on whether a representative of Freebridge should be invited to attend the AGM. This was unanimously agreed and the Chairman was provided with contact numbers.

l. RT advised the meeting that Brian Harrison had told him that he was withdrawing from all Village activities. If this was so it was important that a new Stoke Ferry correspondent for the Lynn News be appointed as a matter of some urgency. It was agreed that the Chairman should discuss the matter with the Parish Clerk before approaching the Lynn News. DC confirmed that she would be happy to take on this role since she is already coordinating the monthly events schedule for The Village Pump.


It was agreed that the date and place of the next meeting should await the outcome of the AGM.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50pm.


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