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Letter to the Editor for Keith Morgan

December 2006

Keith is trying to trace a Merlin Minshall; can you help?

From: keith.m.morgan@gmail.com

Date: Mon, 6 November, 2006 5:21 pm


A bit off the wall, and probably a long shot! But hopefully interesting to you too...

I am researching a chap called Merlin Minshall, who (restored, then lived in?) "The Old Bakery" in Stoke Ferry in the early 70s. He worked with Ian Fleming during World War 2 and is often quoted as the inspiration for

James Bond. He led a colourful life before the war, taking part in amateur racing driving, sailing across Europe and spying.

My interest is that I have recently bought a vintage sports car (a Wolseley Hornet) and have found out that he was the first owner. I don't know if any Minshalls still live in the village, but if so could you pass on this note, as I would love to get in touch to learn more about Merlin and his Wolseley! If there are any vintage vehicle enthusiasts amoungst the Minshalls, they might be interested to see pictures of the car as it is today I suppose!

Best Wishes,


Keith Morgan

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