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Village Liaison Minutes

November 2006

The minutes of the October Village Liaison meeting.

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 4th October 2006

Present: Mrs Pat Holton (Village representative)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor, Village Pump)

Mr David Haines (Borough council)

Mr Keith White (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr David White (Grampian Country Food Group)

1. Apologies

Apologies have been received from Mr Lionel Halls & Mr Dave Robson

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (5th July ) and matters arising

Mr David Haines & Mr David White were introduced to the Committee. Mr David Haines is a representative of the Borough Council. Mr David White is the maintenance coordinator for the Stoke Ferry site.

The committee elected Mr David Haines to chair the meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Mrs P Holton asked why Helen McCaffery was not attending; Mr K White said she no longer was the EA representative controlling IPPC for Grampian Stoke Ferry.

Mrs P Holton raised concerns over the vegetable oil spillage on Main Road which occurred on 2nd Sept at 5.45am. Mr K White stated the spillage occurred during the weekend shutdown process. Part of this procedure entails vegetable oil pipes being emptied by using compressed air. A hole in a T joint on the oil line on top of the storage tank allowed a spray of vegetable oil to go over the boundary wall and onto the road. Emergency spill procedures was employed, all drains were covered. Traffic marshals were staged at the junctions of Wretton & Furlong Roads to try and detour traffic away from the area this was largely ineffective. The affected area was covered in coarse ground wheat to help soak up the oil. The police were called at approximately 6.40am, their assistance was required to control the traffic through the village, I was informed that Highways would be attending to assist with the clean up operation. After removing the ground wheat and majority of oil the area was recovered with oil absorbent granules and left for a short period of time, a mechanical road sweeper supplied by K Plant was used to remove the granules and oil. On behalf of the Company I would like to thank Jim & Carl from K Plant for their help during the clean up process.

A Highways employee attended the scene at approximately 9.15am as the road was being mechanically swept he informed me that the road & pavements had been cleaned to there standards and was happy to leave the operation to us.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting

Mr K White reported the Company had received 4 complaints.

On the 22nd July a resident of Buckenham Drive complained of noise, during the evening of a conveyor running empty.

On the 8th August a complaint from a resident of High Street regarding noise during the night & strong smell of fish during the afternoon of the 8th & the morning of the 9th. All clean air units were checked with no faults being reported. No deliveries of fish were scheduled on these days.

These 2 noise complaints were attributed to conveyor C63. A section of this conveyor did not carry any product and was thought to be the cause. On the weekend of 12th August a section of conveyor was removed and a timer incorporated to stop the conveyor when not in use.

On the 6th Sept a complaint was received via the Environment Agency of noise from tanker vehicles discharging between 5.30am and 10.30am. Instructions to staff and suppliers have been sent stating discharges times for tanker vehicles will be between 7.30am and 7.30pm. If a need arises for deliveries outside these times then residents closest to the mill will be advised of the need and time of the discharge.

A complaint from a resident of Furlong Drove was received on 2nd October regarding a Grampian LGV entering the village at speed via Furlong Drove.

Part of the registration number was seen and investigations at this time are still in progress. A memo to all Company LGV drivers has been reissued stating the speed limit within the village remains at 20MPH.

4. Noise

Mr R Thompson & Mrs P Holton raised the issue of the boiler explosion on the 9th Sept at 5.30am. Mr D White explained the fuel valves had stuck open following shutdown of boiler on pressure control when the production ceased. This allowed kerosene to dribble into the furnace whilst the burner was shutdown for five minutes or so.

The furnace temperature would have been above 180 deg centigrade.

When the pressure control restarted the burner, the kerosene pump would have started, pouring an increased volume of fuel into the furnace. At the end of the burner start / purge cycle the burner motor and cup would have started, atomising the delivered fuel.

Once the burner reached its pilot ignition point there would have been a significant amount of liquid and vaporised kerosene in the furnace, smoke tubes and flue, resulting in the explosion.

5. Odour, dust and particulate

As part of IPPC permit all emission points must tested for particles released to atmosphere from the site through its working process. It was agreed during the last meeting that this report would be made available to the committee, Mr Thompson Mrs Holton & Mr Haines received a copy of the latest report. Mr K White stated that visual checks on all emission points are checked every 4 hours during production.

Mr R Thompson & Mrs P Holton both thought that an increase in odour has been detected over the last few weeks. Mr K White could give no explanation for this but would investigate further.

6. Transport

Mr Ray Thompson asked if the Company had increased its use of outside hauliers. Mr K White stated of no increases, only the Companies own fleet delivers finished feed, back haulage on the Companies fleet had increased since July. This has helped reduce the number of outside hauliers visiting the site.

7. Any other business

Mrs P Holton and Mr R Thompson thanked Grampian for their help during the recent Stoke Ferry festival.

Mrs P Holton asked if Mr M Smith would be replaced. Mr K White replied he was not aware of a replacement but would consult with Mr L Halls.

Mrs P Holton asked if there had been any developments regarding the sale of the Dukes head, Mr K White said he would speak to Mr L Halls on this matter.

Mrs P Holton asked if a representative from the Environment Agency would attend future meetings, Mr K White said he would contact Roy Mantas from the EA to answer this request.

Further to the questions within the meeting regarding sale of the Dukes Head and a replacement for Mr M Smith Mr L Halls has stated the following.

Mr L Halls has spoken to the Grampian Property Manager and it has been confirmed that there is no intention to dispose of any property at this point in time. Mr L Halls reinforced the point that Grampian will do everything it can to keep the Dukes Head well maintained to prevent it becoming a dilapidated eyesore.

Mr L Halls stated that due to an internal restructure there is no intention to directly replace Mr Smith.

8. Dates of next Meeting 4. 00pm, Wednesday 10th January 2007

Keith White

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