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November 2006

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26th Nov 11.00 Matt Finch

I don't know about you but the headlines of the news make you feel pretty depressed.

North Korea claims nuclear test, Britain's losing battle with the sea, Iraqi vice-president's brother assassinated, BA executives caught up in price-fixing row resign, Hacker attacks hit home computers 50 times a night, World moves into ecological overdraft today, Madness of dustbin jails, Cabinet colleagues turn on Straw over Islamic veil row, Go down the slippery slope.

These were just a few of the headlines of the last few days before I wrote this article and it paints a depressing picture of the world. It is enough to make you want to pack it all it, say enough is enough and move to a deserted island with you Bible, Shakespeare and luxury item. But we can't and neither should we because we are called to be a part of this world in which we live and not an observer on the fringe.

As a young lad, I used to be a bit of a whinger, over everything I would fine an opportunity to have a moan. Be it travelling, tired, hungry, too hot, too cold, bored, you name it I whinged about it. But the day that it began to stop was when someone challenged me, "If you put as much energy into changing the world as you do whinging then the world would be a better place". Sadly, I still find myself drawn into moaning about the world and I think much of it is fuelled by what I see and read. Maybe the case is the same for you.

As a Christian, I believe that the world is not a place to be feared, though there are some worrying things. I trust that the world has more people of good intent than bad. I long for a time when we highlight the blessing of living in this country rather than the negativity that comes from having to much. It is my prayer that just maybe if we pull together as communities we would begin to see that the world is a beautiful place, and finally see that the creation story is true, "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good".

Every blessing as you enjoy the wonder and love of this world,

Matt Finch

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