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"Runnin' On".

November 2006

Janet provides us with her inimitable look at life in West dereham.

The weather today is depressing so don't be surprised if you find a few teardrops in this page. The cat is curled up on his favourite chair; he hasn't even been out to see if there is anything he can chase around the garden.

The hen that used to walk right along the back of our hedges has found herself a new home. I used to worry about the hen but she has settled down in her new abode, so that is one problem solved, thank goodness.

We have been lucky with our apples, I pealed and chopped as many as I could, I made one deep apple pie and the rest of the fruit is in the freezer. I do like having a few treats to use in an emergency. Freezers are such handy things; they have made life a lot easier for us.

I don't know which newspaper you have, ours is the Daily Express, during the week they have a poem each day, I have always enjoyed poetry so I have saved all of them, I have put them in one of those clear display albums. I hope the Express prints more poems; I may manage to remember some of them.

This is the first time our cat Toby has missed his turn on the computer, he likes to study the back part, now that I have managed to use the computer while the cat has gone to sleep and I can get on with the "Front part".

I noticed the shops are starting to think about Christmas, it seems a bit early but we'll have to have a walk around the shops to see if that will give us some ideas. The children will have to write us a shopping list. I can remember the time when Grandmas used to help the children to make pincushions or felt "books" to wrap up for the aunties presents.

Well, that's it for this month, of course if something riveting turns up, I'll get it all down on paper before I forget it.

Nov 06

Janet Tilburn

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