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Another letter to the editor

November 2006

Tony adds his belated praise to the very successful Stoke Ferry Festivals

Dear Editor,

Through your magazine, I wish to say how fortunate indeed we were to have such a high calibre of musician to perform for us at the recent festival in Stoke Ferry. Normally such performances could only be experienced in larger venues; further afield and at a greater enhanced ticket price. The King's Lynn Festival would itself be proud to have booked such a programme! Great credit must go to the organisers for their dedication and enthusiasm in staging such an event. I wish the festival continued success for the future.

Further, it is inspirational to see the church put to such good use and not be allowed to fall prey to vandals and the vagaries of the weather and then in turn be demolished, turned into a car park or supermarket and lost forever. It is important to preserve what is left of our heritage.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Hunt

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