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A fourth letter to the editor

November 2006

Mally hits out at those villagers who continually complain about Grampian Foods

Dear Editor,

On Saturday 9th September there was an explosion at the Grampian Feed Mill. On Tuesday 12th September the incident was public knowledge as a result of an item in the Lynn News. It seems that as soon as anything happens, whether it is noise, dust, squeaks or now bangs, some folk can't wait to complain, either to the Press or, to the Department of Health and Environment. I and many others in Stoke Ferry have waited patiently to hear praise for Grampian or thanks for their efforts from these same people so ready to complain when things actually go well.

There have been many examples recently of Grampian helping the village and the local community. Most recently, they allowed the artistic workshop to display those lovely murals on the Old Duke's Head and visitors to park on the Grampian field so they could enjoy the festival without worrying about where to park their cars. Yes, it was only for one day but they have also been known to sponsor football teams for new kits and to allow the Village Pump to collate their monthly magazine in The Hall free of charge. And what about the donations they are frequently asked to provide towards charities and village activities? And, oh yes! It was Grampian's kind generosity that made it possible for us to extend the Village Hall with new kitchens and toilets to provide an excellent facility for the village to use in a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities.

So please, if you can find time to complain please also find time to praise; you will find it a remarkably satisfying experience.

Mally Reeve

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