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Wretton Parish Council Minutes

October 2006

Wretton PC Minutes of their 12 July meeting



WEDNESDAY 12th July 2006

Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr M Peake, Cllr N Pilgrim, Cllr S Briston, Cllr I Mack (not present at start and end of meeting).

4 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence:

Cllr B Glover

2. Declaration of Interest:

None stated

3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2006,

were approved.

An addition to item 12 was requested as it had been stated at the meeting that Cllr M Peake had acted more as Borough Councillor for Wretton in recent communication with BCKLWN regarding The Green. Cllr Manley had not been involved when perhaps it would have been helpful if he had been.

4. Matters Arising:

All matters that need discussion are on the agenda.

5. Chairman's Report:

The Chairman had nothing further to report as all items were covered on the agenda.

Clerk's Report:

The Clerk had only one item to report - that one street light by the Old Post Office is apparently not working. This has been reported to the maintenance contractor.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Proposed by Cllr S Briston, seconded by Cllr M Peake and agreed by all.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (May/June) £112.40

Inland Revenue (May, June, July) £46.35

MHB Services £16.25

Norfolk Training Partnership - clerk's course (bursary of £165 received) £185.00


Community Account Balance £4191.92

Business Premium Account £1637.86

Business Reserve Account £12222.29

6.1 2005/6 accounts were accepted and will be passed to the Internal Auditor.

6.2 Mr B. Fox will be appointed as Internal Auditor.

6.3 It was agreed to contribute £20.00 towards the cost of the clerk's CILCA course. The clerk has obtained a bursary (£165) towards the cost of the course (£220) and the remaining fee is to be made up from contributions from the parishes the clerk is employed by. If the clerk successfully completes the course the parish council should then be able to work towards Quality Parish Status should it so wish.

7. Correspondence:

1. A letter received from Mr & Mrs Jacobs will be referred to under item 11.

2. Victim Support - request for donation

3. Provision of links to Town/Parish Council websites

4. Living Longer Living Well Newsletter

5. Funding - May/June

6. Norfolk Link

7. Southern Area Road Safety Committee - Next meeting 27/07/06

8. NRCC AGM - 17/07/06 @ 7.00pm Swaffham Assembly Rooms

9. Go-East - Proposed revisions to the regional spatial strategy for the East of England - Publication of Panel report

10. Norfolk Constabulary - Reducing Crime & Disorder in West Norfolk

11. Norfolk Matters relaunch

12. West Norfolk Sports Council Annual Meeting

Notice of planning decision:

Permission refused for construction of dwelling and detached double garage at Land South East of Fieldview, Field Lane, Wretton.

8. Planning:

Cllr I Mack, who was not present when item 2 of the agenda was raised, declared an interest in the following item and left the meeting.



Ref. No: 06/01418/F

Location: Melford House, 36 Church Road, Wretton

Details: Construction of a single storey extension to side of dwelling

Recommended refusal

Approval Recommended

Cllr I Mack returned to meeting.

9. Village Green and Sign:

* Everything has been reported as going well at the Borough Council to get The Green transferred to Wretton Parish Council. A public notice is due to appear in the Lynn News proposing that BCKLWN are to "dispose" of public space.

* No quotes have yet been obtained for the plinth for the village sign but the clerk will now follow this up.

* It is still hoped the official opening of the play area can still be linked to the erection of the village sign.

10. Parish Council website:

The Chairman suggested a website would be relatively inexpensive to set up and would provide a good vehicle to disseminate information. An estimated cost of around £50.00 p.a. was given and a website could be established within a few weeks. This proposal was agreed by all.

11. Sewerage Scheme:

Meeting suspended to allow members of the public to speak.

The letter from Mr & Mrs Jacobs was read out. Mr Jacobs also expanded on his unsuccessful dealings so far with Anglia Water.

Two other residents present also voiced their concerns.

A newsletter is being distributed in Wretton which includes a tear off strip requesting information regarding smells.

It was decided the parish council would

1. Enquire what the Environmental Health Department at BCKLWN have done since the odour problem was reported to them;

2. Contact Anglia Water again as they have not responded to a previous letter;

3. Request a site visit with representatives from Anglia Water;

4. Send copies of correspondence to Borough and County Councillors.

12. Other Reports - for information only:

12.1 Complaints have been received regarding light pollution emanating from Cromer Lane, Wretton.

12.2 The footpath to the Clover Club, and the hedge opposite, is overgrown.

12.3 The footpath outside Church Farm and the one behind the church are in need of maintenance work.

12.4 Knights Corner needs a sign warning of a concealed corner.

12.5 The roof of the bus shelter needs repair.

Parish Clerk

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