River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

October 2006

The monthly Methodist Newsletter

Oct 1st 11.00 Ruth Palmer

Oct 8th 11.00 Don Gates

Oct 15th 11.00 David Smith

Oct 22nd 11.00 Bob Cross

Oct 29th 11.00 John Miles

There is a great sense of the rhythm of life at this time of life. At the start of October we celebrate the last of the harvest festivals and begin to look to the coming of autumn. Our world is sustained and guided by the beat of life that flows through it.

Just as the seasons of this world change, so to do the seasons in our own life. One moment summer is here with the new job, happy family and from no where autumn creeps up. It is all you can do to take stock and prepare for the difficulty of a long cold winter. Suddenly all seems to have been taken away. Then as winter seems to be with you forever, the first signs of spring appear. The buds on the trees, the maiden snowdrop and the time to start sowing seed again, trusting that though winter was tough a harvest will come because it has before.

Perhaps you identify with a season at this time, maybe this summer has felt like darkest winter, maybe as autumn approaches you are celebrating that it is springtime for your life. As Christians we believe strongly that whatever season of life we find ourselves God is with us. Our God is not simply a God of the good times but a God who is alongside us in the darkest and most painful times, pointing us towards the light and giving us hope.

As your church in this community we are here for you, no matter the season you are in; be it the joy of a child's birth or a wedding, or to help you cope with loss of a loved one or simply the difficulties of life. Please contact us if we can be there for you in anyway.

God bless.

Matt Finch

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